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Ask Amy: Long-distance relationship drifts into friend zone

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Should I stick to only classes that interest me or ones that may seem different in order to try new things?

– Conflicted

Dear Conflicted: Many colleges require that all students take a freshman seminar, where they all study the same curriculum. This offers you an opportunity to better gauge what you want your college experience to be like.

If you ultimately decide to major in either engineering or marine biology (or both!), these fields are rigorous and will require a lot of dedicated course work.

My advice is to start out broad, and then narrow your focus as you go. Take a drama class, join an intramural team, robotics club, and/or service organization.

Yes, college is the perfect place to leave your comfort zone, and I hope you will.

Dear Amy: “Not a Fashionista” said that she was tempted to tell a lawyer in her networking group that his suits were ill-fitting.

Thank you for counseling against it, unless this sort of feedback is requested.


I wonder how she would like uninvited commentary about her own wardrobe?

– Baggy

Dear Baggy: Exactly.


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