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Ask Amy: Wife’s hoarding may bury the family

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife doesn't discard anything!

As a result of her habits, our home is totally overfilled with stuff of all sorts.

All the closets are filled to overflowing, with clothing lying on top of everything else.

The pantry is so full that groceries now sit on the floor.

Our dining table has only about one-fourth the space left for us to actually eat at it.

The basement is so full, there is no room for anything else.


What to do?

– Worried I’ll be Buried

Dear Worried: Your wife might have a hoarding disorder. This probably did not come on overnight, and you likely adjusted to the conditions in your home as her hoarding behavior increased.

Hoarding disorder is a serious malady with underlying contributing factors, and your wife needs professional treatment and lots of patience from you.


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