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Ask Amy: Wife’s risky behavior escalates

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You two should head right back into counseling.

You should set your own goal for what you want from therapy: Do you want to continue to try to repair your relationship, or do you want to move toward parting ways peacefully?

You should also contact an attorney to explore your legal rights and responsibilities regarding a possible separation.

At the very least, it sounds as if your wife is overwhelmed by marriage and parenthood. You must put your kids’ well-being first. It might be best for the children to be with you in a separate household at least half-time while their mother sorts through her personal problems and choices.

Dear Amy: Recently a relative wrote to us and insisted that we send him our birthdates and birthplaces. We declined the first time, and he tried again. We turned him down again.

He said that in his retirement he has 'rediscovered' an old hobby of genealogy and is building a family tree.


He made a point of defending his request by saying that the birthdates of currently living people are not visible to visitors to this website, but only to those using a password.

This comment made me suspicious of the site.

We told him that we were not prepared to provide this information. He was quite miffed.

We cited the laws in Canada about privacy and said that it was our right to not have our information posted by him.


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