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Ask Amy: Big favor leads to big friendship fallout

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: This summer I had a falling out with my oldest friend.

She did me a large favor and eventually felt overextended.

I had done her many favors in the past. I thanked her for her help, both in writing and through my actions, but I dropped the ball on returning her things on the deadline we agreed to.

She got upset and said some hurtful things. She repeated these things many times.

I thanked her again, made a sincere apology, and asked for some space.

I was deeply hurt by her comments, which attacked my character, and I felt betrayed.


It has now been a few months since we’ve communicated.

Before our falling out, she sent out wedding invitations for next summer, and I have yet to RSVP.

I’m worried that it’s rude to delay my RSVP, but I’m afraid to reach out when she was so angry and hurtful every time we talked.

If she never apologizes for her comments, I don’t think I’d want to attend her wedding, but I don’t want to throw away our friendship over one fight.


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