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Ask Amy: Friendship fail leads to wedding worry

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: In January, my best friend of 30 years and I had a falling out, this was not the first one we’ve had over the years.

I sent texts, checking on her health during the pandemic, with no response. Finally, two weeks ago, she contacted me.

She's getting married and she said she couldn't decide whether to invite me.

I told her that either way I would understand; it's her day, not mine.

I didn’t hear back.

She messaged me tonight, asking if I'd like to attend her wedding, adding that I'm invited, but not my fiance or my children.


I've never felt comfortable around her other friends, as she behaves very differently around them. (This behavior is what has caused us to fall out multiple times.)

Now I don't know whether I should attend. On the one hand, I'd like to be there, because we've known each other since the first grade. I love her family, but I'm worried I'll receive the same treatment from her and her friends that I have experienced before.

NOT going might be better than going. I wouldn’t want to go and then regret it.

However, I appreciate that she got over her pride and invited me.


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