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Ask Amy: Husband speaks Welsh, wife says “na”

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Since then, total radio silence. He won’t respond to any of my efforts to reach him. Of course, I apologized for what I said through a voice message.

Prior to this, we haven’t had any unresolved issues.

Please tell me why he behaves this way. If a man says, “we need a break,” is he ever coming back to the relationship?

— Break, or Break-up?

Dear Break: I don’t know why your boyfriend behaves this way, but you don’t need to understand or decode his motivations. You need only to accept his actions as an authentic reflection of how he operates when he is uncomfortable, and ultimately respect his wishes.

When someone asks for a break, they should receive it. You should consider it permanent, move on, and — if he contacts you — weigh your options.

Dear Amy: Thank you for your response to “Worried Daughter,” who was concerned because her stepmother was overwhelmed caring for Worried’s father (with dementia).


My husband and I thought your suggestion that the two women switch houses for a week (to trade-off on care) was genius.

— Grateful

Dear Grateful: The large response to “Worried Daughter” illustrates how compelling this topic is.


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