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Ask Amy: Handyman's attitude isn't much of a fix

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: For several years now, my husband and I (senior citizens), have allowed a handyman to perform repairs around our house and business.

Last week, he told my husband that his sister had the coronavirus.

My husband and I both told him that he should hold off completing the garage project that he had started at our house. He became indignant and insisted that HE was not the one that had the virus and that he hadn't been in contact with his sister except for a job that he had done, supposedly, outside of her house a "couple of weeks ago."

We insisted that he not come to our home for now.

Well, he came anyway, was furious at me especially, perceiving that I was the major influence in his loss of a few dollars a day on our garage project.

He blurted out to me, "I'm through with you," several times and left.


I threatened to call the police if he returned uninvited.

A week later, he called my husband and they exchanged pleasantries. My husband said that he "sent his regards" to me.

Amy, my husband is a pushover and will just go on like nothing happened.

While I forgive this handyman, I feel he needs to learn a lesson that he can't just rant, put us in jeopardy, and then a week later pretend that everything is just fine and resume work at our home.


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