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By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My answers generally are: "Yes, I am still working. Yes, I am still very capable and focused on my job. Yes, I can still roll with the changes and embrace the new technology. Yes, I still enjoy what I do. Yes, my students (and colleagues) still bring me joy."

But I get really tired of answering this question, and so do my contemporaries. But when one has worked all of one's adult life, why not work for a couple more years?

Any suggestions? I'd love a new answer to this question.

-- Still Working

Dear Still Working: Call me clueless, but to me, the question "Are you still working?" seems a natural conversation-starter for people in your age-cohort.

Many people in their mid-60s are retired, or thinking of retirement.

This "Are you still working" question is another version of, "... and what's new with you?"

The version of this that might bother me (if I were you) would be: "WHY are you still working?"


Because I can't quite see the offense, I can't suggest a snappy comeback. So I suggest you answer, "Yes, I am. What about you?" as a way to both answer the question and also toss it back to the person who asked it.

Dear Amy: "Smoked Out in Redwood City" was complaining about neighbors who use a fire pit at night.

In your answer, you reported that Redwood City is "in close proximity" to the area where the devastating Camp Fire was.

Amy, your answer was great, but these towns are 200 miles apart!

-- Get a Map

Dear Map: The scariest part is that I actually looked this up on a map, and I still made the error. Thank you for the correction.

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