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Long-buried secret resurfaces when principals die

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Torn needs to cut connection with the affair partner, give herself time to mourn that relationship and get some sort of support or therapy to figure out where her marriage goes from here.

I wouldn't recommend seeking out a future relationship with this man, but she should trust that there will be a time where she doesn't feel this way.

-- Been There

Dear Been There: Thank you. One insight here is that emotional affairs often speak to a specific set of criteria in a person's life, including time and place, and the strength of other relationships. Once these criteria change, the attachment will change.

Dear Amy: "Grateful Aunty" asked how to handle the difficulty of how to greet a transgender niece.

Thank you for responding that she should be natural, normal, use her niece's name and not ask too many questions.

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We are parents to a transgender woman. We are grateful that our family has been great.

-- Grateful

Dear Grateful: Awkwardness subsides, and love abides.


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