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Abuse survivor can't handle family questions

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Unfortunately, you cannot force your sister to be a responsible pet owner, and so you have to continue being a responsible parent. Keep insisting that the dog be crated (or in another room with the door closed) if you visit. Invite your mother to your home.

Your sister needs to ponder: what happens if the dog bites someone outside the family? Your sister could be fined, sued or even arrested, and she could be forced to surrender her dog.

Dear Amy: You quoted a physician who gave good counsel to "Frustrated and Concerned," who was wondering about exposing a baby to a toddler whose parents refused to immunize him.

The advice was good except for one thing: this is flu season, and strains of flu can easily be transmitted -- and they can be deadly to vulnerable people who have not received a flu shot.

-- Concerned

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Dear Concerned: Great point. Thank you.


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