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Marriage flounders over financials

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

What do you think? Sometimes, even if you're right, it's not worth it.

-- Feeling taken advantage of

Dear Feeling: You should communicate directly with your brother about this. Tell him, "Mom and Dad really should not be driving to get you at the furthermost airport. Please don't burden them with this. If you book a flight to the closer airport, I'd be happy to come get you. Otherwise, you should rent a car."

If the usual happens, then yes, I think you should retrieve him. You can use the car ride to express your resentment and get it out of your system before Thanksgiving dinner.

Dear Amy: I loved your hilarious response to "Too Close!" that bananas woman who thought something was "not right" about her husband and his sister sharing a bathroom sink.

Guess she didn't grow up with a family of six sharing one loo!

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-- Still Holding It

Dear Holding It: My husband is one of 13 children. One bathroom.

Sharing a sink was the least of it.


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