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Trained Fat

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Fat, or adipose, tissue isn't just inert blubber threatening our health and self-esteem; it's a functional part of our bodies, interacting with other organs to boost muscle and brain metabolism.

Like everything else, it loses functionality with age, but new research shows that rigorous, regular exercise can help keep your fat fully functional -- at least, the fat you don't actually burn off. And fat cells that are healthy and happy can help ward off a lot of human diseases, from cancer to diabetes.

Body of Knowledge

There are approximately 600 muscles in the human body, divided into three main types: skeletal, which allow for movement; smooth, which make up internal structures like the digestive tract and blood vessels; and cardiac, your heart. The biggest muscle is the gluteus maximus in your buttocks; the smallest is the stapedius, which stabilizes the smallest bone in your body -- the stapes bone of the middle ear.

Get Me That, Stat!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 91% of office-based physicians say they spend time outside normal work hours documenting clinical care. Seventeen percent said it was less than one hour per day; 41% said it was 1-2 hours; 24% said 2-4 hours; and 8.6% said it was more than four hours.



85: Percentage of Americans surveyed who said they were satisfied with the way things were going in their personal lives

17: Percentage who said the same thing about the overall direction of the country

Source: Gallup, 2022


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