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Ig Nobel Apprised

The Ig Nobel Prizes celebrate achievements that make people laugh, then think. A look at real science that's hard to take seriously, and even harder to ignore.

In 2021, the Ig Nobel Prize in entomology (and maybe for addressing a previously unreported health problem) went to U.S. Navy scientists for their published study "A New Method of Cockroach Control on Submarines."

Sum Body

Many parts of the human body are named after their discoverers or other humans, real and mythical, from the Adam's apple to zonule of Zinn, a ring of fibrous strands found in the eye. Here are the 15 named after folks whose names begin with L:

1: Langer's lines -- Karl Langer


2: Islets of Langerhans and Langerhans cell -- Paul Langerhans

3: Langhans giant cell -- Theodor Langhans

4: Lauth's canal -- Thomas Lauth

5: Leydig Cells -- Franz Leydig


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