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In 2002, the Ig Nobel Prize in hygiene went to a Spanish entrepreneur for inventing a washing machine for cats and dogs.


Q: How many kinds of saliva are there?

A: Five, defined in distinct phases. Cephalic saliva is the kind that occurs when you see or smell something appetizing. Buccal is the body's reflexive response to the actual presence of food in the mouth and helps in swallowing. Esophageal saliva involves stimulation of the salivary glands as food moves through the esophagus. The gastric phase happens when something irritates your stomach, like when you're on the verge of vomiting. The intestinal phase is triggered by a food that doesn't agree with you passing through the upper intestine.


Should we lose each other in the

Shadow of the evening trees


I will wait for you

And should I fall behind

Wait for me. -- Headstone of Mark Bassett (1964-2015)


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