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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth visits surged, which made sense: It was simpler and safer to meet with a physician virtually, and in most cases, good enough. In April, telehealth visits accounted for nearly 70% of health encounters, but patients have become increasingly more comfortable and desired to see their providers in person. In mid-July, telehealth visits were down to 21% of all health encounters.

E, as in Emergency Department

E-scooters continue to provide plenty of business for local emergency departments and urgent care clinics. A new study found more than 70,000 e-scooter-related visits to EDs going back to 2014, but incidence rates really jumped when they became widely available in major cities after 2017: from 15,500 ED visits in 2018 to nearly 30,000 one year later.

Two-thirds of these visits involve men. Head injuries were most common, and 1 in 12 injuries in 2019 involved some kind of substance abuse, usually alcohol.

Body of Knowledge

The English-speaking world adopted the word "influenza" in the mid-18th century. The French called the malady "la grippe," from "gripper," meaning "to grasp or hook." In Arabic, there's a similar-sounding term: "anfalanza," which means "nose of the goat" because people used to believe coughing, drooling, dripping-nose goats were carriers for a flu-like illness in humans.


Get Me That, Stat!

It requires 50 minutes of running or walking five miles to burn the calories consumed in a single 20-ounce bottle of sugary soda.

Mark Your Calendar

October is awareness month for breast cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dental hygiene, Down syndrome, eye safety, spina bifida, bullying prevention, domestic violence, healthy lungs and medical librarians, who keep track of all of the above.


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