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Dad, We Need to Talk

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When adult children begin taking care of aging parents, conflict is common and often inevitable as new relationships, dynamics and realities emerge. Autonomy is often a central tension in caregiving, especially at the end of life. A study out of the University of Missouri suggests having difficult, frank conversations to ease tensions.

"Conflict is stressful," said study author Jacquelyn Benson, an assistant professor at UM. "However, it also is necessary and can lead to positive change." Benson and colleagues analyzed data from a clinical trial involving end-of-life caregiving, particularly in hospice situations. One common finding was that if all parties honestly discussed and came to terms with respective duties, responsibilities and expectations, the caregiving burden lessened significantly.

According to Benson: "Avoiding conflict altogether is not the answer because it's an unrealistic goal. Instead, caregivers should have conversations with hospice staff about ways they can improve their caregiving experience by communicating their needs and concerns with the person they are caring for and other family members."

Call Me When You're Better

With each year, we grow more attached to our cellphones. For some people, they might as well be physically attached -- at least then the phones might help break falls.

Between 1998 and 2017, the rate of cellphone-related injuries climbed from 2 per million people to 28 per million. Roughly one-third were injuries to the head and face, typically lacerations, often while walking and talking and subsequently falling. People ages 13-29 were most likely to suffer injury while distracted.


Get Me That, Stat!

A new federal study reports that U.S. retail drug prices in 2018 dropped by 1% -- not much but still the first decline in more than 40 years. Counter that good news, however, with the fact that private health care spending increased 4.6% to an annual average of $11,172 per person in 2018. Out-of-pocket expenses like copays and deductibles jumped 2.8%.


1 in 4: Ratio of high school students who are e-cigarette users.


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