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How to know whether you have allergies or coronavirus

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Our unusually mild winter has led to a lovely early spring. Cherries, magnolias, and forsythias are brightening the neighborhoods where we hunker down and hope the coronavirus will pass us by. Their beauty is welcome, but for many, the annual botanical awakening brings bad news: allergies.

This year's early tree pollen season brings a new worry...Read more

WFH with a roommate or loved one? 5 ways to avoid killing each other

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Your partner is bellowing into their conference call as you try to get reports filed. Your roommate showed you six memes in the last hour. Meanwhile, your manager sent over three more requests for you to complete by end of day.

The coronavirus crisis poses major challenges to the global workforce, even for those workers fortunate enough to have...Read more

How the virus that causes COVID-19 differs from other coronaviruses

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Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). So what makes those coronaviruses different from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19? Dr. Clayton Cowl, a pulmonologist and chair of Mayo Clinic's Division of ...Read more

With surgeries delayed, patients wait with anxiety — some in pain — as hospitals make way for coronavirus cases

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SEATTLE -- In December, Christine Rayburn detected a painful lump in her right breast that biopsies would later show included two different types of cancer. One had invaded her lymph nodes.

Rayburn and her doctors settled on a plan. First, surgery to remove the tumor was scheduled for March 20 at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia. Then, ...Read more

Coming out of retirement during coronavirus pandemic, a Seattle nurse finds purpose

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SEATTLE -- Carolyn Grant, 63, a retired registered nurse, was sitting comfortably in her favorite chair beside the fireplace when her phone buzzed at 2 p.m. on March 11 with a fresh text message: Could she come back to work?

UW Medical Center was searching for recently retired employees to bolster its ranks as the outbreak of coronavirus ...Read more

Therapy during the coronavirus pandemic: 'This is new for all of us'

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SEATTLE -- There's a pandemic and people are dying and what if I get sick and my grandma dies and I lose my job and I start hating my kids and I run out of toilet paper and the economy tanks and I never see my friends and the hospitals shut down and this all goes on for months?

Clients sitting across from therapists -- or now, looking at them ...Read more

The coronavirus pandemic increases stress and isolation, leaving vulnerable families and children at risk

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- As the coronavirus pandemic slams people with anxieties and forces them into social isolation with little outside observation, it also puts children at increased risk of abuse and neglect, according to Connecticut state Child Advocate Sarah Eagan.

"It's a crisis for everybody but it is in particular a crisis for vulnerable ...Read more

COVID-19: Tips to reduce migraines for those susceptible to stress

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Schools and workplaces are closed. Social distancing requirements are in place. And people in many cities are being urged to stay home to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The global pandemic has greatly disrupted everyone's lives, creating a lot of stress and anxiety.

Patients with chronic neurologic conditions, and migraines in particular, ...Read more

Sick and angry: Some public health officers are showing stress of coronavirus

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MENLO PARK, Calif. -- After Bay Area county leaders ordered residents to stay home to stem the spread of the coronavirus on March 16, residents packed into parks, supermarket aisles and beaches the next weekend. That pushed one public health officer seemingly near to the edge.

"If you decide you want to do your own thing and follow your own ...Read more

Stuck at home? How to make it a place of order, comfort and joy

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Feeling stuck at home? Struggling to work there while also supervising your kids' schooling? Buried under stockpiles of canned goods and toilet paper?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are spending a lot more time in our home -- dealing with its flaws, along with new challenges now that everyone in the household is ...Read more

Study: Taking low-dose aspirin daily doesn't lower dementia risk

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For years, doctors have prescribed a low-dose aspirin regimen to some people to help reduce the risk of a heart attack. But the same benefits aspirin offers for heart disease and stroke have not been found for lessening the risk of cognitive decline, according to a recently published study.

Researchers theorized that because aspirin, which is ...Read more

Kids coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

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You may feel stressed and anxious about COVID-19 -- and so may your kids. Try these strategies to talk with them and help them cope.

This article was written by Mayo Clinic Staff.

During any rapidly changing situation, loss of daily routine, isolation and uncertainty can lead to anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness. Information overload, ...Read more

Shoppers leave gloves, masks, wipes in parking lots — and it's a problem

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DETROIT -- The spreading coronavirus pandemic is leading to an outbreak of another kind: pollution.

Protective gloves, masks and disinfecting wipes are frequently showing up on the ground instead of in trash bins. It's not only unsightly, it potentially poses problems for the environment, for wastewater treatment plants -- and, at least ...Read more

Journaling the coronavirus pandemic: 'I'm scared.' 'Can we get a dog?' 'Everything just feels odd'

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Kelly Milligan's mind drifted back to the days after Sept. 11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. These days felt a bit like those did and, yet, completely distinct.

This moment wasn't finite -- it wasn't one day, and it won't be one week. Nobody knows exactly how long it will last.

But it already feels historic, so two weeks ago, Milligan, a 48-...Read more

With all the distractions at home, low-income students need headphones to study

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LOS ANGELES -- In her family's one-bedroom home every day unfolds with one distraction after another for 17-year-old Anais Hernandez: her mother cooking and cleaning in the kitchen; her disabled father watching high-volume TV news; the bustle of her younger sister in their East Los Angeles home.

There's no escape from the noise as Anais ...Read more

Trump calls it a COVID-19 fix. Now lupus patients can't get their drug

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Before Aisha Kelley headed to the pharmacy last week, she heard from a fellow lupus patient that she might have trouble getting her prescription filled.

Her medication, hydroxychloroquine, sold by the brand name Plaquenil, keeps her body from turning against her. It is considered the most important drug for lupus patients, ...Read more

He's on a one-man mission to clean up trash and help save sea life

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PHILADELPHIA -- Madis Pihlak looked into the eyes of a loggerhead sea turtle at a Florida rehab center and knew he had to help.

"You look at that face and they are so beautiful," said Pihlak, a retired Pennsylvania State University professor of architecture and landscape architecture.

In January, Pihlak and his girlfriend, Toni A. Flanigan, ...Read more

The quinceañera is another youthful casualty of the coronavirus

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LOS ANGELES -- If Ashley Soltero had turned 15 in any other year, her quinceanera would have been much, much different.

She wouldn't have waited to announce the May 2 date to her friends, her escorts -- chambelanes -- wouldn't have been nervous about coming to dance practice, and her mother wouldn't have been laid off in the midst of paying off...Read more

Treating coronavirus takes serious toll on health care workers' mental health, study finds

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PHILADELPHIA -- For the last few nights, Ilene Wong has woken up troubled by dreams of going into a supermarket and not being able to find anything. Wong, a urologist in private practice in Chester County, knew three months ago that the COVID-19 outbreak in Asia was serious, but seeing the numbers of positive cases rise each day in the ...Read more

Coronavirus has upended our world. It's OK to grieve

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On weekday evenings, sisters Lesley Laine and Lisa Ingle stage online happy hours from the Southern California home they share. It's something they've been enjoying with local and faraway friends during this period of social distancing and self-isolation. And on a recent evening, I shared a toast with them.

We laughed and had fun during our ...Read more