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Best foods to eat when you have a stomach bug

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Viral gastroenteritis is an intestinal infection marked by watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, headache, muscle aches and sometimes fever. It's often called a stomach bug or the stomach flu, but it's not actually the flu or influenza, which is a respiratory illness. This infection often develops though contact with an infected...Read more

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Could a monthly treatment prevent fentanyl overdoses? Scientists are working on it

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LOS ANGELES — Scientists have developed an antibody treatment that shows promise in blocking the potentially deadly effects of fentanyl for nearly a month, raising hopes for a new tool to combat overdoses.

Tests in animals found that the treatment could effectively block the effects of fentanyl, laying the groundwork for assessing whether the...Read more


'It shouldn't be this bad': Pediatricians scramble for RSV shots amid shortage

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BALTIMORE -- A steady stream of sick babies and worried parents started flowing into Dr. Monique Soileau-Burke’s exam room in late October.

Many were infected with respiratory syncytial virus, better known as RSV, a common contagion that spreads in colder months and infects the lungs and can be dangerous for the very young and for older ...Read more


Consumer Health: Do you know the signs of inflammatory bowel disease?

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Researchers estimate that more than half a million people in the U.S. have Crohn's disease, and 600,000 to 900,000 people in the U.S. have ulcerative colitis, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Inflammatory bowel disease is an umbrella term used to describe disorders that involve chronic ...Read more

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'Forever chemicals' in thousands of private wells near military sites, study finds

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Water tests show nearly 3,000 private wells located near 63 active and former U.S. military bases are contaminated with “forever chemicals” at levels higher than what federal regulators consider safe for drinking.

According to the Environmental Working Group, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that analyzed Department of Defense testing ...Read more

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Regrowing nerves and healing without scars? A scientist's career-long quest comes closer to fruition

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Ellen Heber-Katz thought the experiment was ruined.

Her post-doctoral researcher was supposed to have punched tiny holes in the ears of laboratory mice at Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute, using a standard technique to indicate which ones had received an experimental treatment. But when Heber-Katz checked the animals a few weeks later, all ...Read more

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Volunteer networks step up to provide health needs to migrants at police stations

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CHICAGO — Noelis Guaregua, who is eight months pregnant, wasn’t receiving prenatal care at the city-run migrant shelter where she’s staying, so she set out on a mile-long walk in freezing temperatures to a police station where she’d heard she could find food and medicine.

Originally from Anzoágueti, Venezuela, the 31-year-old had ...Read more


Miami Beach: A hot spot for nightlife -- and a hot spot for new HIV infections

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A ZIP code in Miami Beach, known for its vibrant nightlife, is a hot spot for new HIV infections.

The area that lures thousands of tourists a year, has some of the most attractive hotels and nightclubs in the nation, and stretches along the famous Ocean Drive in South Beach falls into the ZIP code 33139. Its annual new...Read more

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Mayor Brandon Johnson's mental health plan in Chicago starts small but carries big political implications

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At roughly 0.1% of the city’s recently passed $16.77 billion budget, the initial cost of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s effort to begin reopening Chicago’s city-run mental health clinics is minuscule.

But the political ramifications are potentially huge.

Johnson rode into office on a progressive wave powered by unions and activists who have ...Read more

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Ask the Pediatrician: How does noise affect children?

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Many parents know that loud noise can hurt a child's hearing. Very loud sounds—from fireworks or firearms, for example—can cause immediate damage. Using personal listening devices for music, videos and classes can also cause damage if they're too loud.

But we are also learning that too-noisy environments can have harmful effects that go ...Read more

Back pain? Bum knee? Be prepared to wait for a physical therapist

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At no point along his three-year path to earning a degree in physical therapy has Matthew Lee worried about getting a job.

Being able to make a living off that degree? That’s a different question — and the answer is affecting the supply of physical therapists across the nation: The cost of getting trained is out of proportion to the pay.

...Read more

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More than 260,000 Penn Medicine patients have agreed to share their DNA for research, and the discoveries are just getting started

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PHILADELPHIA -- Any changes in your medications or allergies? Check. New health issues since your last visit? Check.

And would you like to contribute a blood and DNA sample for a massive research project?

That last question is now part of the electronic check-in process for patients at Penn Medicine clinics and hospitals, and it already is ...Read more

DeSantis wants health care plan that would 'supersede' Obamacare. What does that mean?

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Seeking the GOP nomination for president, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in an interview that aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he plans on unveiling a health care proposal next year that would “supersede” Obamacare.

DeSantis didn’t outright say that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, but the Republican hopeful said ...Read more

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Uncle Sam wants you … to help stop insurers' bogus Medicare Advantage sales tactics

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After an unprecedented crackdown on misleading advertising claims by insurers selling private Medicare Advantage and drug plans, the Biden administration hopes to unleash a special weapon to make sure companies follow the new rules: you.

Officials at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are encouraging seniors and other members of the ...Read more

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South Florida's HIV dilemma: How to prevent babies from being born with the disease

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — As the international community observes World AIDS Day on Friday, doctors in South Florida confront a challenging reality: More women locally are getting HIV. A percentage of those women will become pregnant and give birth to babies who are infected.

“We know how to prevent HIV in babies,” said Dr. Lisa-Gaye ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: How innovation is transforming heart transplants

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Mayo Clinic doctors are using innovation to improve the lives of people who suffer from congestive heart failure and other chronic heart conditions. The Organ Care System, also known as "heart in a box," is potentially helping to expand the donor pool, which is crucial, considering that more than 4,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for a new ...Read more

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Mayo Clinic Q and A: Who should get the latest COVID-19 vaccine?

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: The Food and Drug Administration recently approved two new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. What are the recommendations for who should get it?

ANSWER: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended the 2023-2024 COVID-19 (mRNA) vaccine for everyone 6 months or older. The COVID-19 vaccine is strongly ...Read more


Salmonella outbreak update: Kids in child care centers, more people sick and hospitalized

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The CDC has issued an update on a salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes, raising the number of states to 34 after Alaska and Kansas were found to have cases. The number of people who have been sickened has increased, but the death toll remains at two.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...Read more


Traffic exhaust could increase blood pressure, study finds

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SEATTLE — Even brief exposure to highway pollution could cause significant increases in blood pressure, a new study from the University of Washington has found, adding to a growing body of work correlating vehicle exhaust with negative health outcomes.

The effects are near immediate: Two hours in Seattle’s rush hour was enough to increase ...Read more


Consumer Health: Epilepsy in children

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Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is common, and there are many types. About 1 in 26 people in the U.S. will develop the disease in their lifetime. It affects people of all races, ethnic backgrounds and ages. Anyone can develop epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes recurring seizures. Having a single seizure doesn't mean ...Read more