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Black women don't talk about breast cancer. This group is breaking the silence

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DURHAM, N.C. -- Their pink scoop-neck blouses and halter dresses exposed their scars. But these women had nothing to hide anymore.

Breast cancer survivors gathered around pots of boiling water, pink tablecloths, and teacups to celebrate the women of the Sisters Network Triangle NC chapter.

The group is part of Sisters Network, a national ...Read more

This is the healthiest part of the apple, according to study

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Love munching on apples? You could be missing out on the best part of the fruit, according to a new report.

Researchers from Graz University of Technology in Austria recently conducted a study, published in the Frontiers of Microbiology journal, to explore how the food's bacteria, much of which promotes gut health, affects the human body.

To ...Read more

Democrats' health care feud eclipses message that won in 2018

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In the four evenings of Democratic presidential debates since June, one phrase appeared for the first time on Wednesday: "preexisting conditions."

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker uttered it in his remarks on health care, chiding fellow Democrats for their infighting as Republicans wage a legal battle to undo the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits...Read more

Expert alert: Tips for driving safely into your golden years

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With more senior drivers on the road than in years past, the importance of assessing driver fitness has increased. In the latest issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers look at this topic along with tools that clinicians can use to determine if patients are able to safely operate a vehicle. "Driving retirement is a normal part of aging, ...Read more

Instead of bifocals, some try monovision. But depth perception can suffer, Penn scientist says.

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While bifocal eyeglasses allow near and far vision in both eyes, some people opt to split the difference -- correcting one eye with a contact lens to sharpen the focus on far-away objects, the other eye with a lens to see things close up.

Called monovision, this way of seeing the world is not for everyone, in part because it can interfere with ...Read more

Democrats favor building on ACA over 'Medicare for All'

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WASHINGTON -- Most Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents would prefer to expand the Affordable Care Act rather than replace it with a "Medicare for All" plan, according to a new tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The poll, released Tuesday, also examines opinions on a generic government-run "public option" health plan that...Read more

Program's goal is to prevent nurse suicides

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SAN DIEGO -- Nurses commit suicide at a significantly higher rate than the general population, according to a recently released study from a team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego.

Examining nationwide data on violent deaths from 2014, the only year for which occupation information is included, the team found that ...Read more

Doctor Alexa will see you now: Is Amazon primed to come to your rescue?

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Now that it's upending the way you play music, cook, shop, hear the news and check the weather, the friendly voice emanating from your Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker is poised to wriggle its way into all things health care.

Amazon has big ambitions for its devices. It thinks Alexa, the virtual assistant inside them, could help doctors ...Read more

Infectious disease A-Z: Will there be a universal flu vaccine?

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A better, more effective flu vaccine is a matter of when -- not if -- says Dr. Gregory Poland, director of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. The National Institutes of Health is testing an experimental universal flu vaccine with the goal of providing high-efficacy, long-lasting protection against influenza viruses.

"The idea behind a ...Read more

Cold medicines are not for little kids, experts say. Doctors seem to be getting the message.

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Experts agree that little kids, especially babies, should not be given over-the-counter cough and cold medicines.

But studies have reached conflicting conclusions about whether doctors have been following or flouting that guidance.

Now, a national study by Rutgers University researchers suggests doctors have curbed their use of most, but not ...Read more

UnitedHealth grows in market questioned by critics

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With the recent acquisition of a Texas-based company, UnitedHealth Group has waded deeper into the sale of "supplemental" health plans that consumer advocates say provide questionable value to subscribers.

Earlier this year, Minnetonka, Minn.-based UnitedHealth Group acquired a company called HealthMarkets Inc., which includes a division for ...Read more

Kamala Harris' 'Medicare for all' plan includes a role for private health insurance

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Sen. Kamala Harris released her own version of a "Medicare for all" plan on Monday that imposes a tax on Wall Street instead of on middle-class households and tightly regulates, but not abolishes, private insurance plans.

The proposal offers the most detailed look yet on how the California senator, who has struggled at times to articulate her ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Treating hair loss

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Dear Mayo Clinic: Can anything be done for hair loss that is likely hereditary? If so, what should I look for when choosing a hair regrowth product?

A: Hair loss often is caused by a combination of heredity and aging. Treatments that may slow that type of hair loss and help regrow hair, including over-the-counter therapies such as shampoos, are...Read more

Type 2 diabetes management among African Americans influenced by family experience, study finds

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Family experience with Type 2 diabetes influences how African Americans perceive the risk of the disease and their approach to managing the illness, according to a small study by researchers at Montana State University and Iowa State University.

The study, published in the journal Global Qualitative Nursing Research found that misconceptions ...Read more

Health care law supporters launch August tour

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WASHINGTON -- An advocacy group that supports the 2010 health law will launch a national tour next month with the hope of carrying its success from last year's campaigns into the 2020 election cycle.

Protect Our Care, a group formed to defend the law, plans at least 22 events in August across the country, according to information first shared ...Read more

Vitamin devotees should shift their loyalty to lifestyle changes, experts say

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Vitamin supplements, a multi-billion-dollar industry, are a layperson's favorite prescription. Tired? Take an iron supplement. Sad? Classic vitamin D deficiency. But a recent paper related to cardiovascular health, published July 9 in Annals of Internal Medicine, put this loyalty to the test. Surprise, surprise: vitamin supplements had little ...Read more

Spicy diet linked to dementia, study says

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Do you add hot sauce to many of your favorite dishes? Beware, because a spicy diet could raise your dementia risk.

Researchers from the University of South Australia recently conducted a study, published in the Nutrients journal, to explore the association between chili intake and cognitive function.

To do so, they examined 4,582 Chinese ...Read more

Johns Hopkins to study polio-like condition causing paralysis in children in Maryland, around US

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Alabama at Birmingham will study a condition that mysteriously began ramping up in 2014 and has caused paralysis in hundreds of children around the world.

Acute flaccid myelitis has been called polio-like, but doctors don't know what causes it, though they suspect it's a rare response ...Read more

3D-printed organs are in early research stages. Here's how Baltimore doctors are using the technology

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Scampering around the floor of her father's family room in Cherry Hill, 1-year-old Syah Weddington is quicker on four limbs than two. After a few passes crawling from one end of the room to the other, her mom scoops her up to her lap.

The baby's labored breathing is audible.

"You hear the panting and you can feel her chest moving rapidly," ...Read more

Opioids, ankle sprains, meniscus tears, and more news from orthopedics research

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While the numbers of opioid prescriptions and overdose deaths in the U.S. recently have declined for the first time in years, experts continue to be concerned at how and why the painkilling medicines are being prescribed.

Once reserved for only the most severe kinds of pain, opioid medicines have been far more widely dispensed in recent years, ...Read more


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