My Cannabis Brand Was Shut Down By Instagram, Here’s How We Rebounded

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Cannabis companies remain compliant on social media by framing themselves as a lifestyle brand.

By Andrew Ward

Cannabis companies have never had a stable relationship with social media. The tense status has made cannabis a bit scrappier regarding social marketing, coded language and geotagging.

However, all too often, brands still face shadow bans, suspensions and account deletions. Pot-focused social media platforms and advertising options have come online but haven’t gained traction like powerful platforms to date.

A recent wave of suspensions, deletions and warnings came about on Instagram, with brands, marketers and journalists reporting similar issues. Depending on the source, the reason for the actions varies.

With the issue ongoing, cannabis social media experts offered tips on avoiding the issue and recovering an account. Social Media Shut Down my Cannabis Business Account. Now, What Do I Do?


In late June, Cannaclusive found their account suspended by Instagram, a Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ: FB) company.

Director of National Projects and Social Media, Kassia Graham, said this was the first time the company had an issue since launching in 2017.

Graham thinks the ban may be the result of a popular post. She said the content, a 4/20-themed guide for finding brands through the company’s Inclusivebase tool, did not include sales links. She added that the ban might also have been because the company tagged accounts that previously had run-ins with Instagram.

“I just don’t get it,” Graham said of the rationale.


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