Traffic-blocking alligator rescued from Texas highway amid tropical storm


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Texas braved the winds and rain of Tropical Storm Nicholas to rescue a 10-foot alligator that wandered onto a highway, causing a traffic jam.

Gary Saurage, owner of rescue service Gator Country, said he received a call from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office about 4 a.m. Tuesday about a 10-foot alligator blocking traffic on Interstate 10 amid Tropical Storm Nicholas.

"I guess the alligator was trying to evacuate," Saurage wrote in a post on Gator Country's Facebook page.


Saurage said the alligator was safely relocated to Gator Country's facility, where the reptile was dubbed Major Nicholas. He said the alligator tore a door from its hinges at Gator Country before being safely contained.

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