Black to Play

Pete Tamburro on

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White’s pawns look dangerous, so you have to take that into account as Black to win this.

Nimzowtisch won this against Stoltz, Berlin, 1928. 1...f4 2.gxf4+ 2.b6 Kd6 3.a5 fxg3 4.a6 Kc6 5.b7 Kc7 6.Ke2 d3+ 7.Ke1 g2 8.Kf2 d2 2...Kd6!! 3.b6 3.a5 g3 4.a6 Kc7 5.a7 Kb7 6.b6 g2 3...g3 4.Ke2 d3+ 5.Ke1 d2+ 6.Ke2 g2 and one pawn will queen.


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