White to Play

Pete Tamburro on

Published in Chess Puzzles

It’s the New Year! Of course, the best chess new year’s resolution you can make is to do the one thing chess players don’t really do very much, but should: study endgames!! We’re going to do king and pawn endings on our first submission of the week, rook and pawn endings the second submission of the week and a mixed bag for the third submission.

This one takes great care in planning. You have to figure out what the position will be as both sides queen. 1.Kd4 b5 2.f4 b4 3.f5 b3 4.Kc3 Ka3 5.f6 b2 6.f7 b1Q 7.f8Q+ Ka4 7...Ka2 8.Qa8# 8.Qa8+ Kb5 9.Qb8+ and wins the queen.


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