White to Play

Pete Tamburro on

Published in Chess Puzzles

Here’s a scary position for Halloween. The “witches” on the queenside are ready to do damage to the white king, but White throws a big bucket of water on that with a mating attack.

This position arose in an actual correspondence game from the 1960s between Sagorowski and Rosenberg. White actually played the pawn promotion right away but this way was faster: 1.g3+ There’s a long mate starting with 1.d8Q Qf4+ 2.Qxf4+ gxf4 3.Rxh7+ Kg4 4.Rxh8 1...Kg4 2.d8Q Rxd8 3.Qe6+ Kf3 4.Qe4+ Kxf2 5.Qg2#


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