White to Play

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A classic mate in three by Shinkman: the first move, the key move, is so simple as to make us all feel silly if we didn’t see it (and I didn’t!).

Why doesn’t the promotion to queen work? Because it’s a mate in 6 owing to Black having an escape square on d3: 1.Rd2 [1.e8Q+ Kd3 2.Qxg6+ Kxc4 3.Qc2+ Kb5 4.Qd3+ Kb6 5.Nd7+ Ka5 6.Bc7#]1...Nge5 [1...b1=N 2.Nfe6 Nxd2 3.Nc5#; 1...Nxd4 2.Rxd4#; 1...Nxf4 2.Qxf4#] 2.e8=N Qg1 3.Nd6#


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