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Each of the following sentences contains clues to a set of three words that are spelled the same, except for one letter (each sentence describes a different set). Example: malt, melt, molt.

1) The subject of the meeting was "The Poisonous Elixir".

2) When the man refused to fight, it caused the bully to shout "Are you chicken?".

3) When the cows heard the snake shake, there was a fight for survival.

4) Unable to see, the doctor was still able to concoct a mixture that was soothing to the stomach.


topic = subject
toxic = poisonous
tonic = elixir

fellow = man
bellow = shout
yellow = chicken (coward)

cattle = cows
rattle = shake
battle = fight


blind = unable to see
blend = mixture
bland = soothing

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