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It is Halloween down in SpookyVille and the residents are getting ready to do their annual potion finding contest. In this contest, each of 5 people are assigned an ingredient of the special potion that they are to find. The first one back with their ingredient is the winner. With the clues listed can you figure out who, what kind of monster they are, which ingredient they were assigned, and how long it took them to find it?

Names: Mr. Jack, Mrs. Greenskin, Mr. Redeye, Ms. Trans, and Mr. Blood
Monsters: skeleton, witch/warlock, vampire, ghost, and zombie
Ingredients: werewolf hair, vampire tooth, zombie blood, mummy bandage, and potion vial
Time: 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 3 minutes

1. The skeleton, vampire, and ghost are: the monster that took 3 minutes to find their ingredient, Mr. Jack, and the monster that found the vampire tooth.

2. The monster that took 20 minutes to find their ingredient wasn't Mr. Jack or Mr. Redeye.

3. The skeleton either found the vampire tooth or the zombie blood.

4. Ms. Trans and Mrs. Greenskin are: the vampire, and monster that took 3 minutes to find their ingredient.

5. The zombie did not find the werewolf hair, which took 15 minutes to find.

6. Mr. Blood took twice as long as the zombie.

7. The zombie is either the monster that found the zombie blood, or the monster that took 10 minutes to find their ingredient.

8. The mummy bandage wasn't found by Mrs. Greenskin (who did not find the blood) nor the ghost.

9. The vampire either took 5 minutes to find its ingredient or found the zombie blood.

10. The monster that took 5 minutes either found the vampire tooth or the mummy bandage.

11. The vampire did not take 3 minutes to find its ingredient.

12. Redeye did not find the mummy bandage


Mr. Jack - ghost - 15 - werewolf hair
Mrs. Greenskin - vampire - 5 - vampire tooth
Mr. Redeye - zombie - 10 - potion vial
Ms. Trans - skeleton - 3 - zombie blood
Mr. Blood - warlock - 20 - mummy bandage

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