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One day, an eccentric billionaire decided to give a destitute man a break. But not a total break, as we shall see. So, he invites him into a room in his mansion with seven doors. There is also a large-screen projector that projects the following five images, repeatedly, one at a time:

A human brain, Earth, the incomplete phrase: 'Fair and ____,' the letters AZCONMUT and a cheese sandwich on plain white bread with the edges perfectly cut off.

The poor man was allowed an entire day to study the images, after which he would have to choose the door that corresponded to the commonality of the images. The next day the man walked through the correct door, and the billionaire made him rich. What door did the man choose?


The man chose door number FOUR. Here's why:

--The image of the human brain made the man think of 'four corners of the mind.'
--He recognized the capital letters AZCONMUT to be the abbreviations of the 'Four corner states' Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.
--He completed the phrase 'Fair and ____' with the word SQUARE, which also has also four corners.
--When he got hungry, he ordered the same sandwich in the last image. But instead of eating right away, he studied it, until he got the point that it too had four corners.

Thus, the poor guy walked into a mansion poorer than poor, and walked out with a cheese sandwich -- and a few million dollars.


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