Acclaimed vocalist CeCe Winans might not be 'Superwoman' but she's certainly amazing

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Q: Sure, I can understand that.

A: But the live experience is always better. Because you have the audience. You have the people praising God. You have the people singing with you. So, I have always loved the live experience, but never recorded it until recently. And I have management and my team to thank because they wanted me to do it.

Also, they wanted me do a live record that would cover some songs that have already been recorded. I have always covered songs, here and there, throughout my ministry and career. But never a whole record where the majority is covered songs.

Q: Thus “Believe for It” was born.

A: It was something that was needed at that time, because we did it during the pandemic and a lot of people were isolated, a lot of people weren’t going to church, a lot of people were fighting for their lives, losing loved ones. It turned out to be not just a great idea, but a blessing.

Q: And it’s turned out to be a hit as well, garnering something like a half-billion streams in the U.S. alone.


A: The response has been amazing. It’s still hitting its highest peak. It continues to soar. And I’m humbled by it. God is doing something that only He can do.

Q: Tell me a little bit of the backstory on that album. I understand it wasn’t recorded during one of your usual concerts.

A: We were getting prepared to do the recording. We were going to have about 2,500 people. But that’s when the pandemic broke out. That was the beginning of 2020. So, we canceled that and we went and decided to do it toward the end of the year. And we could only have 50 people at that time. I was like, “Lord, really? I’m going to do my first live record with no people?” So, that’s what we had to do.

Q: But it’s a different story for your forthcoming album — which also happens to be a concert outing.


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