New on DVD: Feel Statham's vengeful sting as 'The Beekeeper'

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Jason Statham's latest high-octane offering tops the DVD releases for the week of April 23.

"The Beekeeper": A retired operative goes after a group of phone scammers targeting lonely elderly folks with bloody results in this action thriller.

"The usually slick Statham embraces Carhartt-core as Adam, who is a literal beekeeper, delivering jars of honey to his warm landlady, but also a retired 'Beekeeper,' a highly classified assassin that exists outside the chain of government command, whose mission is to 'protect the hive,'" writes Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh in her review. "When the phone scammers target Adam’s queen, he moves into action to smoke the predatory hornets out."


"Drive-Away Dolls": A pair of lesbian friends hit the road in a rental car with a secret stash in the trunk, sparking an interstate pursuit, in Ethan Coen's first solo outing as director.

"American Star": When a seasoned assassin on his last assignment arrives at his predetermined destination, things don’t go as planned in this thriller. With Ian McShane.

"Harley Quinn: The Complete Fourth Season": In Season 4 of Max's animated series, the superhero/supervillain battles take a back seat to Harvey Quinn's (Kaley Cuoco) kooky, kinky relationship with Poison Ivy (Lake Bell).

"Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 2": Trouble grows exponentially when the Anti-Monitor is unleashed on the DC Multiverse in this animated feature.


"Monolith": Australian sci-fi movie in which a disgraced journalist begins digging into a peculiar conspiracy theory with her controversial new investigative podcast.

"I Am Cuba": Director Mikhail Kalatozov’s 1964 film, four vignettes exploring life in pre-revolution Cuba, enjoys a 4K digital restoration from the Criterion Collection.


"Downtown Owl": Based on the Chuck Klosterman novel of the same name, this drama set in the '80s follows the residents of a fictional North Dakota town who find their lives upturned by a blizzard. Starring Ed Harris, Vanessa Hudgens and Henry Golding.

"The Moon and Back": In this coming-of-age comedy, a teen girl decides to get her late father's sci-fi screenplay the big-budget production it deserves.

"The Seeding": A hiker lost in the desert takes refuge with a woman who lives alone, only to discover she may in fact be a captive of the menacing strangers who emerge from the hills.


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