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ABC's "The View" is going to new heights. Ana Navarro is going to be a regular, starting mid-September. The sassy conservative is joining Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Whatever she thinks, she says -- and she says a lot. Earlier this year, she decided to stop trying to lose her extra weight. One of her great signatures is starting to file her nails if she does not agree with a pundit. She had been seen on Monday and Friday and was persuaded to be part of the gang. Expect her and Whoopi to go a few rounds. Behar, who considered exiting the show, has inked a new contract. Let the fun tongues begin.

I blinked and everything in the world of entertainment changed. "Batgirl," a flick that cost $90 million to produce, has had its wings clipped. The reasons are sketchy. It was not well-received in its previews, but shows with much less interest go on the air. It has been suggested legal problems with the show's producers created angst. Michael Keaton and Leslie Grace star in "Batgirl." "Scooby-Doo" has also been shelved.

Before Luke and Laura of "General Hospital," there was Doug and Julie of "Days of Our Lives." The real-life spouses, Bill and Susan Hayes, graced the cover of Time magazine. After Sept. 12, "Days" will go off the network and can be streamed on Peacock. The sands through the hourglass will no longer screen on a network. Canada does not get Peacock. Fear not, readers; this column will give you all the "Days" summaries and scoops. The show's cast and crew are said to be stunned. No one, and we mean no one, has been given a definitive answer as to who, what, why and how it's going on. There is a $5 monthly fee to stream Peacock. Viewers are already grumbling. PAY. You got it for free for 57 years. Lots of viewers claim they do not know how to stream. We will offer a tutorial next week. It is really easy. I can do it. The show will stream five days a week. You can stream any time, so not that bad. What is taking its place on NBC? An hourlong news show. I am a news junkie, but news is everywhere. Kate Snow will be the host.

He is most really, sincerely dead. Robert Newman has locked and loaded his run as Ashland on "The Young and the Restless." The first actor to have the role was Richard Burgi. Burgi is a fine actor, but COVID entered his life. He was not aware he could not go out of the city where he was born. Oh, no. This was before there was a lot of protocol. He had a long weekend, so he thought, "Let's go see mom." The show was at the beginning of COVID. Most folks were unaware of it. Trust me, you do not want to get COVID. Then, Dr. Anthony Fauci arrived -- the god of COVID. I am in my third round. The first two were easy but round three makes you feel awful. The good news is it will go away. The bad news is the virus will not be played. My symptoms are hanging on.



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