'Conversations with Friends' review: Carnal desires and the complications that arise afterward

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He and Frances might be the most miserable people to ever murmur “You make me so happy” to one another. That’s part of the show’s pull, with all of its contradictory emotions crashing around. Obsessions and betrayals and disappointments are roiling beneath the surface, but stiff upper lips prevail and there can be something airless about that. In a funny way, it mirrors the sex between this pair, who are two of the palest, most blemish-free and fat-free hairless bodies to ever intertwine. Bathed in a soft light, their couplings are almost dainty, without any visible hint of sweat or joy or anything too rapturous.

Even so, there’s something electric in this naturalistic drama about the toxic ties that bind us.



3 stars (out of 4)


Rating: TV-MA

How to watch: Premieres Sunday on Hulu


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