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Meteor shower to peak soon. Here's when and the best way to watch

Jacqueline Pinedo, The Sacramento Bee on

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One of the oldest known meteor showers is streaking through the sky above California.

The Lyrid meteor shower was first recorded in 687 B.C. and has been studied for more than 2,000 years, according to NASA.

The meteor shower occurs every April, peaking this year on Monday.

Here’s the best way to catch a glimpse of this celestial event.

Question: What is a meteor?

Answer: Meteors are essentially debris in the sky. They come from leftover comets and broken asteroids, NASA states.


When the Earth makes passes through the meteors each year, they disintegrate.

“As they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere, the meteors leave bright streaks in the sky commonly referred to as ‘shooting stars,’ ” NASA said on its website.

This is the reason meteor showers occur around the same time of year, according to NASA.

Q: When is the Lyrid meteor shower?


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