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Did you know that 24% of employers only look at a resume for 30 seconds and that is only if it makes it through the applicant tracking system, which tosses 75% of submissions?

Yes, the competition is high just to get your resume read, let alone noticed and liked by the hiring manager. So, wouldn’t you want to make your resume pristine?

That is why professional resume writing services are so popular. Read on to see what they could do for your job search by improving your resume.

Tell Your Compelling Story

A resume is a unique document that has to tell your employment history, skill set, and personal goals within a one-page snapshot. That is a lot of information to convey to a stranger on paper.

Luckily, experts with professional resume writing services understand this challenge. They are trained and in many cases have been in the hiring position to know what employers want to see and what they find as irrelevant.

The end result when using resume writing services is a compelling story that focuses only on the important aspects of your career past, present, and future.

Hit Industry Keywords and Phrases

When you meet with professional resume writers they often ask you to bring several job descriptions with you. This will show them the type of jobs that you wish to acquire.

They can use these examples to show you how to find industry keywords and phrases placed within the job description and requirements. Employees do this to filter out applicants that do not fit their ideal candidate. When a resume goes through the tracking system if these words are found then it is sent to the hiring manager.

Once you know this strategy then you can apply it to any type of job to customize your resume.

Get Precious Editing and Design

Errors and odd designs are quick ways to get your resume thrown in the trash even without an applicant tracking bot.

When hiring resume writing services you are also hiring expert editors to look for spelling, grammar, and syntax errors while ensuring your writing is polished. They will also help with creating a resume that is appealing at first glance with a simplistic layout.

You can use this general template for most jobs or add and remove sections to create industry-specific resumes.

Save You Time

Writing a resume on your own takes more time than you think. This is especially true if you do not understand how to quickly and efficiently edit them for each job.

A resume writer can create several resumes for you to use without having to revisit them each time you find a job you want. This will allow you to apply for more jobs in less time, which means getting hired faster.

Choosing Professional Resume Writing Services

The best professional resume writing services do not just generate a resume for you. They will also coach you on how to edit and customize resumes yourself as well as help you will interviewing skills once you make it to the point. So, be sure to get the whole package when choosing this service.

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