Why Hire an IT Staff Augmentation Service?


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Did you know the average salary for a US IT professional is $206,643? With such a high cost to hire full-time employees, it’s no surprise many businesses prefer to use IT staff augmentation companies to increase their workforce.

But, what advantages can an IT staff augmentation service bring to your business? After all, if you’re going to outsource some of your personnel requirements, you’ll want to receive a positive return on investment. The good news is there are several excellent reasons to augment your IT staffing levels by hiring skilled outside professionals.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of IT staff augmentation.

Expertise In Specific Areas

Staff augmentation companies have access to workers with a wide range of skillsets. This can be invaluable to a business when they have a skills shortage in a crucial area. For example, you could need a cyber security expert for a six-month project, but be reluctant to employ a full-time staff member.

When you work with an IT staff augmentation service, you can simply hire an online security specialist for the duration of the project. At the end of the period, they will return to their agency, and you’ll have no further additional costs.

Fast Availability

You can’t always plan for when you’ll need an IT professional to keep your business operating efficiently. For example, a client may suddenly request you improve the user-friendliness of their website, but the staff member that would usually handle this is on vacation.

Rather than telling your client you can’t carry out the work for a fortnight, you can hire a UX designer from an IT augmentation service. You can then improve customer satisfaction levels and boost your company’s reputation.


When your team has been working on similar projects for weeks or months, it can be easy to lose objectivity. But, if you use IT staff augmentation services, their workers can bring a fresh pair of eyes to problems. You could find this reinvigorates your full-time staff and give them a new impetus.


When outsourcing IT staff augmentation services, you can scale your business in an affordable manner. It’s possible to hire extra workers when you win a new contract, and stop using their services when that project ends. However, if you expand your business rapidly, you could hire lots of agency workers to help meet the soaring demand.

This allows you to keep on top of your costs and ensure you don’t go over budget.

Partner With the Right IT Staff Augmentation Service For Your Needs

A high-quality IT staff augmentation service can provide you with skilled professionals quickly and at a cost-effective price. Your business can benefit from the experience and expertise of outsourced workers, and you can increase your investment in augmentation services as your company grows.

As the IT industry continues to expand at an exponential rate, this IT recruitment method could be the way of the future.

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