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How a drug that diffuses focus and helps people work slower is an improvement is difficult to understand. Personally, I've just spent three hours trying to understand the inner torment of my computer mouse and anticipate another four hours of intense meditation on my place in the cosmos before I sign in to the company's Slack account.

Say what you will about ingesting magic mushrooms; it is not something to be done by the faint of heart. Nor is it to be attempted by the faint of wallet. According to Jack Kelly, you'll have to spend $2,000 a month to get your own "psychedelic-trip coach guru" to "guide you through your mind-altering journey."

That's $24k per year to peek into the void, a mind-altering amount, especially when all you come up with is a giant green chipmunk to share your cubical.

The hip new microdosing phenomena has even been noticed in stodgy old England. Colleen Hagerty, a writer for BBC, reports on psychedelic tour guide Paul Austin and his follower, Matt Gillespie, wandering lost in a redwood forest in Oakland, California. Or so they think. Considering they've already pounded down their microdoses, they could be sitting under the sink at a Chick-fil-A in Pacoima.

Gillespie is "confident that continuing to work with Austin -- and psychedelics -- will reveal his best path forward."

In fact, he is so stoked about the effect of microdosing on his career that he's taking a macrostep upward to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony. As Hagerty writes, "He'll try the potent psychedelic tea known to induce intense visions, and, often, physical sickness."


The expected outcome of this experience is not explained, but whatever the tour guide charges, it's too much. Intense visions? Physical sickness?"

You can get that for free simply by going to lunch with your supervisor.


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