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For a working person, there's nothing better than time off.



In 2018, 55% of Americans collectively left 768 million days of vacation time unused.

I learned this shocking factoid from "5 Secrets To Using Time Off Without Feeling Guilty," a recent Leigh Goessl post in The Washington Post.

As someone who has never met a day off they didn't like or take, I believe that it is a mistake to read this statistic as a sign people are too guilty to take a vacation. The real reason is that as bad as work can be, vacations are worse. 768 million unused vacation days moldering in the files of the HR department is all the proof you need.



Compared to the agony of crowded airports, cramped airplanes and all the stupid selfies you have to take to convince friends and co-workers back home that you're having fun, it's difficult to see the advantage of leaving your couch -- or your desk.

Plus, you do so little, how could not going into work be an improvement?

If you do feel guilty about taking time off, here are the five hurdles you must jump:


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