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Tiny red caps boost spirits of families with heart-sick babies

CHICAGO -- Anna DiCicco slipped on a yellow gown, snapped latex gloves on her hands and covered her mouth with a mask. Gone was the gray T-shirt with the bouncing, grinning heart screen-printed on the front. DiCicco, of suburban Woodstock, Ill., looked like a "yellow blob." Her humor and calm demeanor belied the circumstances: Her 4-month-old son was in isolation and battling a rhinovirus and respiratory virus. He was scheduled for open-heart surgery to fix a hole in one of his ventricles. The garb was protection against the germs she carried. Atticus, clad in a bright red hat, wheezed and coughed in his hospital bed at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Tubes and wires snaked out of...

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by Tony Cochran

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