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Grandparent Worries About Gay Child

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

The following question was submitted recently by a reader in response to a Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids column published in February 2015. Dr. Rimm's response follows:

Q. Even though my five children are all in their 40s, I still read your column, as I have four grandchildren. It distressed me to read your advice about an 8th-grade boy you ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Enjoy the water and safety this summer

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Dear Mr. Dad: My 4-year old twins are crazy about swimming or floating or doing pretty much anything in and around water. On one hand, I'm thrilled. I swam in high-school and college, and I'm looking forward to having them follow in my footsteps. On the other, I'm scared. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and there is no way I can keep an eye on them ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Dad upset to find ex, son in his house after school

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Q. I came home from work early yesterday and found my ex and our 10-year-old son in my house. They were sitting in his room talking, but I think it was wrong that she was there. We have not been together for two years, and our son spends a week with me and a week with her. She does not have a key, it's not even a house we have lived in ...Read more

Gifted Children Can Internalize Pressures

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q. At the age of 4, I was labeled through testing as being gifted. I was then "branded" the genius of the family, which often made me the center of attention. This caused me to place a huge amount of pressure on myself, and my mom also pressured me to be the first in my family to earn a college diploma. This attention did not sit well with my ...Read more

Parents Worry About Tween Daughters' Many Friendships

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: How can we teach our daughters to be more discerning about relationships with friends? I realize girls are more relational than boys, but sometimes I worry that my two tween girls are over-the-top and out of control in this area. Should I be concerned?

Jim: You probably don't need to be overly concerned. Girls at this age do ...Read more

Boise couple create app for diagnosing autism

Parents / Parenting News /

BOISE, Idaho -- Robby Oberleitner was 18 months old when his parents noticed changes in his personality. By age 2, the boy wasn't talking. He would cry and hurt himself.

What happened over the next year would inspire his parents, Ron and Sharon Oberleitner, to start a business they now operate from downtown Boise.

It was the mid-1990s when the...Read more

'All In': Is paid leave for fathers of newborns the next workplace battlefront?

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"All In: How Our Work First Culture Fails Dads, Families and Businesses, and How We Can Fix It Together" by Josh Levs; HarperOne (272 pages, $25.99)

When he was preparing to take time off after the birth of his third child in 2013, CNN correspondent Josh Levs was stunned to learn that his employer's policy entitled him to just two weeks of paid...Read more

Growing up White House-style: Obama opens up about his daughters

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Malia Obama, the older of President Barack Obama's two teenagers, got a new worldview on her security detail thanks to her father, he said in a podcast interview that aired Monday. When the 16-year-old was chafing at the restrictions of life in a Secret Service bubble, the president pointed out that having a driver to bring her home to the White...Read more

Curious Toddler; Discipline In The "Terrible Twos"

Parents / John Rosemond /

Q: My 24-month-old is constantly wanting to be in her newborn baby brother’s face, poking and touching him. How can I help her with her jealousy?

A: Unless there’s more going on here than you’re telling me, you’re not describing jealousy; you’re describing natural curiosity and rather clumsy attempts to have ...Read more

Parents Need To Compromise

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q. Our son maintains a very busy schedule by his own choice, and we find it difficult to establish a routine. This lack of routine exacerbates the issue of my husband's and my different parenting styles. How do parents "get on the same page" and show a united front even though our priorities are different?

A. I assume your busy son is either ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Beyond DadBod: Why men's health is a woman's issue

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Dear Mr. Dad: My husband doesn't exercise, he eats tons of fried foods and sugary drinks, and hasn't been to see a doctor in years. Worse than that, our two sons, ages 8 and 10, are following in their dad's footsteps. I'm really worried. Why won't my husband take better care of himself?

A: I really wish I had an answer to that question, but the...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Mom's view that her own Dad and ex share faults is clouding picture

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Q. My ex is driving me crazy. He reminds me so much of my father -- who also drives me crazy. My dad had substance abuse problems for most of my life and has never quite gotten it together. My ex is just the same. He's far more educated that his job requires, he's always late to everything, his house is a mess, but the kids love to be there! ...Read more

Fatherless Man Learning What It Means To Be A Good Dad

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: What does it take to be a good father? I grew up without a dad. Now I'm married with a baby on the way, and I'm feeling anxious and unprepared. Do you have any advice?

Jim: I get you. That was me. That is me. Being a dad is tough enough. But for guys like us whose fathers were physically or emotionally absent, the job seems especially...Read more

Manipulative 8-Year-Old Daughter

Parents / John Rosemond /

Question: Our 8-year-old daughter tries to manipulate us and her siblings (she is the youngest of three) with emotional outbursts and whining when things don’t go her way. She is mostly a delightful, cheerful child but this bothersome cycle flares up at least every other day. For the time being at least, she only behaves this way at ...Read more

Girl Drama in Middle School

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: What advice would you give to help a middle-school girl make friends and establish relationships with other females in her peer group?

A: Middle-grade social life can, at times, feel absolutely wonderful, but at other times, terrible and lonely. It's a time for best friends, cliques and likely some hurt feelings. Helping girls set ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: If BBQ makes ex uncomfortable at graduation, cook up a compromise

Parents / Family Living /

Q. My daughter is graduating this weekend, and her father and I are at odds as to how to handle the celebration afterwards. I want everyone to come over to my home for a casual BBQ, and he wants to take everyone out to dinner. My daughter tells me she would prefer the BBQ, but understands her father might be uncomfortable at my home now that I...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: How to tame a 1-year-old's hitting and biting

Parents / Family Living /

Biting the Hand that Feeds

Dear Mr. Dad: Our son just turned one, and, almost like flipping a switch, he went from the sweetest, happiest little guy to smacking and biting. It's bad enough when it happens at home, but my husband and I are beyond embarrassed when he attacks friends or strangers. Is it normal for babies to turn mean like this? ...Read more

Hillary Clinton proposes more funding for early childhood education

Parents / Parenting News /

Hillary Clinton embraced her new role as a grandmother and her longer-term one as a child advocate on Monday, offering up proposals on early childhood education including doubling funding for Head Start.

It was Clinton's first set of policy proposals kicking off a summer of planned rollouts. Speaking at a YMCA in Rochester, N.H., Clinton ...Read more

Transgender kids: 'Exploding' numbers of children, parents seek clinical help

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Two years before Caitlyn Jenner showed up on the cover of Vanity Fair, Oliver Bishop was in crisis.

The Sonora, Calif., teen's grades had dropped, and he'd become suicidal as he sensed that puberty was beginning to trap him in a female body that seemed alien to the boy he had always been inside.

"You know you're a guy," he said, "but everybody...Read more

Emotional Affair Should Mean The End Of Friendship

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: Should we terminate our friendship with another couple after the man and I became involved in an emotional affair? It's over now, and our spouses have taken a firm but conciliatory attitude toward the whole thing. We've suspended our normal get-togethers for the time being. At some point, though, do you think it would be OK to resume our ...Read more