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Embrace Your Spouse's Interests To Strengthen Marriage Bond

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Q: My husband and I were married this past spring. We had a great summer and especially enjoyed doing things together during the weekend. Then came fall -- and with it college football season. I knew my husband was a fan, but now that we're married I'd prefer to be spending Saturdays doing things together that we're both interested in, ...Read more

It's Healthy For Couples To Spend Time With Friends

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Q: Do you think it's a good idea for husbands and wives to have regular activities apart from each other with their friends of the same sex? My husband feels a deep need to get together with his guy friends a couple of times each month, but I'd rather spend most of my time with him. I get out with some girlfriends a couple times a year, and this...Read more

Be Cautious About Venting Marital Frustration To Family

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Q: Should I share my marital frustrations and problems with my parents and siblings? We're a tight-knit family, and though my marriage isn't in crisis, sometimes I just need to vent.

Jim: Only if the sharing, venting and "support" they garner for you are likely to produce positive results in your marriage. But how do you determine this?

The ...Read more

Listen, But Don't Overreach, With Middle-School Children

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Q: My son has always been very open with me, but now that he's in middle school, I can barely get him to tell me how his day went. How can this worried mom stay connected?

Jim: By the time kids enter middle school, their march toward independence is well under way. It can be a confusing time for parents -- as my wife, Jean, and I can attest, ...Read more

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