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Making Kids Do Chores An Important Lesson In Responsibility

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Q: The pace of life has hit high gear with school now in full swing. With the kids' endless activities and homework requirements, I sometimes wonder if they should have the added burden of doing chores. What do you think?

Jim: My own feeling is that children ought to perform certain tasks around the house simply because they are part of the ...Read more

Son's Violent Behavior Raises Red Flags For Worried Parents

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: Should we be concerned about our son's abusive behavior? We're constantly on him about hitting his younger siblings, and lately he's also been hurting the dog.

Jim: Our counselors recommend that you first look for stressors that might be causing your son to act out in this way. Is there tension or dysfunction at home? Conflict between Mom ...Read more

Ex's Unkind Words Create Rift Among Parents And Son

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: How should I respond when my son tells me that my ex-husband has been making some very critical and unkind statements about me?

Jim: I'd first encourage you to figure out whether your ex-husband is truly guilty as charged. We all know kids are capable of exaggerating or making up stories, especially if they have some motive for pitting Mom ...Read more

Set Boundaries Before Neighbor Kids Visit

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Q: It seems every kid on the block hangs out at our house. We have stricter rules than most parents on our street about where our grade-school children are allowed to go, so all the kids end up here. I'm pleased that they feel comfortable at our home, but sometimes it feels overwhelming. What should we do?

Jim: This issue has more to do with ...Read more

How Parents Can Discuss Jenner Story With Kids

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Q: How do I talk to my young children about the whole Bruce Jenner situation? These are things I'd prefer that they not be exposed to, but with the story being mentioned or discussed on practically every TV show and plastered on every magazine in the grocery store checkout line, it's impossible to avoid.

Jim: I'm right there with you. It's ...Read more

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