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Find A Healthy Balance When Making Media Choices For Kids

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Q: How do we establish workable media standards for our teenagers? I understand the importance of teaching thoughtful discernment, but sometimes I feel the need for more solid guidelines in order to gauge the merits of movies, television programs and music. Can you suggest anything?

Jim: Personally, I think it's a good idea to avoid extremes. ...Read more

Some Tips On Keeping Your Family Healthy

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Q: We have a young, growing family, and I'd like to do everything I can during this formative period to encourage everyone in the house to develop healthy habits. Can you provide me with any helpful tips?

Jim: Great question! Intentionality is an important part of promoting good health. According to Focus on the Family's Physicians ...Read more

Some Tips On Appropriate Video Games For Your Kids

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Q: Should I permit my child to play video games? If so, which games should I allow and how can I maintain control?

Jim: Only you can decide if you want to allow your kids to participate in gaming. But if you do, be sure to stay actively involved in the buying process. Here are a few helpful game-purchasing guidelines:

-- Always check ratings. ...Read more

Social Media Starting To Take Over Couple's Time Together

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Q: How can I guard against the danger of online social networking taking up too much of my time and negatively impacting my marriage? When my wife and I first started using sites like Facebook, we thought they were a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. Now they're beginning to dominate our lives. Any advice?

Jim: There's a ...Read more

Make Family Dinner A Time To Connect With One Another

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Q: It seems like dinner is about the only time that our whole family is in one place at the same time. How can we get the most out of our family meal times?

Jim: Meals are ideal times for socializing, conversation and celebration. They can and should be an occasion for sharing the day's events, decompressing, commiserating and encouraging one ...Read more

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