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How Parents Can Discuss Jenner Story With Kids

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Q: How do I talk to my young children about the whole Bruce Jenner situation? These are things I'd prefer that they not be exposed to, but with the story being mentioned or discussed on practically every TV show and plastered on every magazine in the grocery store checkout line, it's impossible to avoid.

Jim: I'm right there with you. It's ...Read more

Husband Needs To Refocus His Priorities For His Family

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Q: My husband is a workaholic -- he spends very little time with our sons and me, but when I approach him, he simply says, "Things will be better soon." Do you have any suggestions?

Jim: Men are wired to provide for our wives and children. But because we're imperfect human beings, that natural, God-given desire can sometimes become distorted. ...Read more

What To Do When A Parent Can't Let Go Of An Adult Child

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Q: Now that I'm in my mid-20s, how can I help my mom understand I'm not a kid anymore? She seems unwilling or unable to recognize that I'm now an adult. What can I do?

Jim: Many parents have difficulty allowing a son or daughter to separate from the parent-child relationship and move ahead into full adulthood. There can be any number of factors...Read more

Be Wary Of Loaning Money To Friends Or Family Members

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Q: Do you think it's wise to have loans among family members -- for example, brother to brother, adult to child, parent to child, etc.?

Jim: Financial counselor Ron Blue highlights one all-important point to bear in mind in any situation like the one you're envisioning: Whenever money is loaned, the relationship between the parties involved ...Read more

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