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Son Considering Education Options Other Than College

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Q: Our son graduated from high school this spring, and we're really struggling with what his next step should be. We want to offer him the prospect of a bright future, but formal education has never been his forte. He's very gifted mechanically and enthusiastically works on our cars and projects around the house. But his friends are all headed ...Read more

Young Son's Display Of Emotion Concerns Parents

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Q: My 7-year-old son came home teary-eyed after watching a children's movie at a friend's house. Apparently one of the characters was constantly teased and mistreated by the other kids in the film. It upset my son for the rest of the day. Is this level and display of emotion something I should be concerned about?

Jim: Perhaps my own experience ...Read more

Allow Son To Make His Own Mistakes

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Q: Despite our best parenting efforts, our adult son has developed a talent for making dumb decisions and behaving irresponsibly. He recently financed an expensive car he couldn't afford, only to total it three weeks later -- after he'd canceled the insurance. He's now in serious financial straits and may lose his job for lack of transportation....Read more

Parents Unsure Whether To Teach Son To Defend Himself

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Q: Should children be taught to defend themselves when physically attacked, or should they "turn the other cheek"? We've taught our kids that physical violence is never acceptable. Unfortunately, the school playground is a rough and painful place for our son, and he's already dreading the upcoming school year.

Jim: I absolutely agree that ...Read more

Follow These Steps To Work On Making Marriage Stronger

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Q: Sometimes I feel that my wife and I spend so much time in our roles as Mom and Dad that we neglect our own relationship. Do we just need to recognize that our needs as a couple have to be put on hold until our kids are older and less demanding?

Jim: I think most couples with children can relate to your dilemma. A household can only be as ...Read more


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