Young Hondurans’ desire to migrate is influenced by factors beyond poverty and violence

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Why are so many young Hondurans heading north?

Research by me and two colleagues, published in the peer-reviewed journal International Migration, delved into the factors that motivate young people – those ages 16 to 29 – to leave the central American country and migrate to the U.S.

We found that resilience, which we define...Read more

Student anger over the Vietnam War erupted into violence in the ’60s − a terrorism expert explores if the same could happen today

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Following a wave of pro-Palestinian protests led by students at universities across the country, a few schools, like Brown University, say they are considering divesting from companies that support or work in Israel.

In most circumstances, with summer on the horizon, the friction between protesting students and university ...Read more

How the Gaza humanitarian aid pier traces its origins to discarded cigar boxes before World War II

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Palestinians in Gaza have begun receiving humanitarian aid delivered through a newly completed floating pier off the coast of the besieged territory. Built by the U.S. military and operated in coordination with the United Nations, aid groups and other nations’ militaries, the pier can trace its origins back to a mid-20th century U.S. Navy ...Read more

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Editorial: A Republican warning of national political suicide

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The world was shocked when more than 900 Americans who followed “People’s Temple” preacher Jim Jones to the wilderness of Guyana committed suicide or were murdered at his command in 1978 after swallowing fruit drinks laced with cyanide.

Millions wondered how something so ghastly could happen. Far from a mystery, it was another example, ...Read more

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Editorial: More delusional nonsense on inflation from Biden

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Inflation envelops the White House like a bad smell. Perhaps that’s one reason President Joe Biden can’t stop fibbing about it.

For the second time in a week, Biden repeated the false claim that inflation was at 9% when he entered the Oval Office in January 2021. The president first made the assertion in a May 8 CNN interview. “No ...Read more

Iran crash: President Raisi’s fate raises concerns in Tehran over potential loss of loyalist

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who remains missing after the helicopter he was in crashed on May 19, 2024, is a consummate loyalist whose death would be a blow to the country’s conservative leadership.

While search and rescue teams – hampered by rain, fog, forests and mountains – searched for wreckage, Iran’s Supreme Leader ...Read more


Mumbai heads to polls as India's opposition gets renewed boost

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India’s financial capital Mumbai — home to billionaires, film stars and millions of slum dwellers — goes to the polls on Monday, with the opposition alliance making a renewed push to break Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hold on power.

Voting will take place in six constituencies in Mumbai as well as 43 others across the country in ...Read more

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'Gun Owners for Trump' coalition announced in response to 'migrant crime wave'

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Ahead of his address to and endorsement by the National Rifle Association over the weekend, former President Donald Trump’s campaign announced they would join with the Republican National Committee in forming a new coalition called “Gun Owners for Trump,”

According to the 45th President’s Make America Great Again campaign, the group ...Read more

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A raised fist, a march among the protests of Biden's Morehouse speech

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Several dozen demonstrators marched to Morehouse College Sunday to protest President Joe Biden’s position on the ongoing war in Gaza and to air grievances on other topics.

The displays of disagreement with Biden were clear as the presidential motorcade entered the Atlanta campus at 8:37 a.m. A lone protester held a handwritten sign that said ...Read more

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President Biden in Detroit says Trump 'not your typical Republican'

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DETROIT — Democratic President Joe Biden told a group of his supporters in Detroit Sunday his general election opponent, Republican Donald Trump, would reverse efforts his administration has made to protect the environment and expand health insurance coverage.

Biden made the comments during a brief four-minute speech at a private campaign ...Read more

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Biden faces pro-Palestinian silent protest at Morehouse graduation

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President Joe Biden renewed his call for a temporary cease-fire in Gaza in a speech at Morehouse College’s graduation ceremony, where some participants donned Palestinian colors in protest at Israel’s military incursion.

Biden’s address at the historically Black school in Atlanta brought him face to face with some of the campus unrest set...Read more

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President Joe Biden returns to Michigan ahead of NAACP speech

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President Joe Biden has landed back in Michigan, where he'll campaign in Detroit and deliver a Sunday keynote address at an annual NAACP dinner.

Biden, a Democrat who's being challenged by Republican former President Donald Trump in the November election, is spending much of the day reaching out to Black voters. On Sunday morning, before ...Read more

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Biden gives high-stakes commencement address at Morehouse College

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President Joe Biden gave a high-stakes commencement speech to hundreds of young Black men at Morehouse College on Sunday, delivering a direct address to the constituency his campaign worries is shifting against him as he runs for reelection against former President Donald Trump.

The Democrat used parts of his 25-minute speech to lay out the ...Read more

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Democrats seek to make GOP pay for threats to reproductive rights

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Democrat Lucas Kunce is trying to pin reproductive care restrictions on Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, betting it will boost his chances of unseating the incumbent in November.

In a recent ad campaign, Kunce accuses Hawley of jeopardizing reproductive care, including in vitro fertilization. Staring straight into the camera, with tears in her ...Read more

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'Georgia is the reason I'm president right now,' Biden tells backers

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ATLANTA — President Joe Biden reminded Georgia supporters at a fundraiser at the Arthur M. Blank Foundation Saturday afternoon of just how important the state is to his reelection bid.

“If you ever doubt the power of the vote, I say come to Georgia. You are the reason I won. Georgia is the reason I’m president right now,” Biden told the...Read more

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Joe Biden's Atlanta trip highlights duel for Black voters with Donald Trump

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ATLANTA — President Joe Biden told party loyalists in Georgia that they’re critical to his reelection, signaling the state’s importance as he steps up efforts to reach Black voters.

“Georgia is the reason I’m president of the United States,” Biden said at a campaign reception Saturday in Atlanta. “Our freedoms and democracy are at...Read more

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Just how long should a Supreme Court justice stay around?

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WASHINGTON — In late June, around the time the U.S. Supreme Court wraps up its current term, Justice Sonia Sotomayor will turn 70.

Is that old enough to retire?

For most Americans, that’s a simple question: More than 80% of Americans age 70 or older have left the labor force. Among those still working, a large share say they would retire ...Read more

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Donald Trump talks inflation, Iron Dome, Biden and bacon at Minnesota GOP dinner

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MINNEAPOLIS — Former President Donald Trump headlined the state Republican Party's annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner on Friday in St. Paul, repeatedly ripping President Joe Biden, promising to fight to turn Minnesota red and return to one-day voting and paper ballots.

"We want a landslide in your state and we want a landslide in our nation that is...Read more


Joe Biden's Atlanta trip highlights duel for Black voters with Donald Trump

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President Joe Biden is stepping up a push to reach Black voters with weekend trips to students in Atlanta and business leaders in Detroit, signaling his need to lock in a bloc that’s critical to his reelection chances in November.

While overwhelming support from Black voters was key to Biden’s victory in 2020, there’s concern among his ...Read more

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Maduro Bets He Can Crush Venezuela's Opposition in an Open Vote

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CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro is convinced he can win July’s presidential elections without resorting to fraud.

But, if he’s wrong, he also has backup plans to cling on to power, according to people who are in contact with the administration, who asked not to be identified discussing sensitive political strategy....Read more