Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google Chiefs to Testify in Congress

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The chief executive officers of Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc. have agreed to testify before a congressional panel investigating competition issues in the technology industry, according to a spokeswoman for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee overseeing the probe.

Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Jeff Bezos and Tim ...Read more

Passing infrastructure bill, Democrats go all-in on climate

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WASHINGTON -- The $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill the House passed 233-188 Wednesday has little chance of advancing in the Republican-controlled Senate. But it fired a political warning shot: Democrats view climate change as a top issue for an already turbulent election year.

"This bill, as audacious as it is, will do one thing for sure: give...Read more

Republicans push back on Democrats' DC statehood bill

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WASHINGTON -- Republican senators came out swinging Wednesday against a bill passed in the House last week that would make the District of Columbia the 51st state.

"From a South Carolina point of view, this is a very bad deal," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters.

Republicans and Democrats held dueling news events Wednesday on the...Read more

Trump, in a hole, digs deeper into racial incitement

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Wednesday suggested that painting the words "Black Lives Matter" on New York City's Fifth Avenue would amount to a "symbol of hate," complaining that such an action would be "expensive" and "denigrating this luxury Avenue."

That came shortly after a threat by the president to veto the Pentagon's budget ...Read more

Biden threatens China sanctions over law targeting Hong Kong

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vowed Wednesday to impose economic sanctions against China if it threatens U.S. citizens' First Amendment rights, just as Beijing enacted a new security law that is aimed at tamping down opposition to the ruling Communist Party.

Calling the law a "death blow" to Hong Kong's freedom and autonomy, Biden ...Read more

Trump accelerates border wall construction ahead of election, despite pandemic

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LA ROSITA, Texas -- Nayda Alvarez said she has caught border wall surveyors -- without masks or other protective gear -- sneaking onto her property along the Rio Grande several times this year, most recently in April.

Later that month, federal attorneys summoned her to court in an effort to seize for the border wall land that her family has ...Read more

Effort to crack Big Tech's legal shield gains bipartisan momentum in Senate

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WASHINGTON -- Bipartisan support for a pair of Senate bills that would force social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to change their content moderation policies could mark a turning point in Washington's ongoing efforts to maintain greater control over Silicon Valley.

Both Republicans and Democrats have frequently criticized a ...Read more

Vice President Tammy Duckworth? Illinois senator brings remarkable life story but light legislative record to Joe Biden's VP search

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CHICAGO -- Illinois U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth quietly has been writing an autobiography, her personal story of going from selling flowers on a Hawaiian roadside amid poverty and losing both legs in a combat helicopter crash in Iraq to an improbable rise in national politics.

Her life's latest turn could become the book's climax -- a shot at ...Read more

Trump campaign reshuffles key staff, hiring ex-NASA official

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's campaign has named Jeff DeWit as its chief operating officer, replacing Michael Glassner, less than five months before the election and as polls show him lagging his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

The reshuffle, according to two people familiar with the matter, came as top donors were becoming more ...Read more

House, Senate leaders to get intelligence briefing on bounties

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is arranging a closed-door briefing on Wednesday for the so-called Gang of Eight House and Senate leaders regarding reports that Russian operatives in Afghanistan offered bounties to kill American troops.

No specific time or location has been determined for the session, which would be conducted by U.S. ...Read more

House to vote Wednesday on massive infrastructure bill

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WASHINGTON -- The House will cut short its work week and vote Wednesday on a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that Democrats hail as transformative and Republicans dismiss as doomed.

The House had originally scheduled votes for Thursday, but late Tuesday House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md., sent the announcement: They'd wrap up one day...Read more

Warner vows defense bill fight on foreign election interference

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WASHINGTON -- The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee vowed a fight on an annual defense bill Tuesday after Republicans again blocked his legislation requiring political campaigns to report foreign offers of assistance to the FBI.

"I fear the Senate is about to fail once again to protect our elections from foreign interference," ...Read more

Pandemic, inequality helped shape Democrats' climate plan

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WASHINGTON -- The climate plan Democrats released Tuesday, the product of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, is a complicated tome: 547 pages compiled after 17 official hearings, a year and a half of work and hundreds of meetings.

"That's a lot of pages," said Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif. "And the reason is the climate crisis ...Read more

Senate Republicans begin drafting new coronavirus relief bill

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans are beginning to put together their own fifth COVID-19 aid package, but with no apparent Democratic involvement it's unlikely to receive enough support to pass both chambers.

"What I can tell you without fear of contradiction is the focus will be kids, jobs and health care," Senate Majority Leader Mitch ...Read more

5 (more) times California fought Trump on immigration — and what happened

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California had two big victories this month with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the state's sanctuary laws and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival protections for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

From the 2020 Census citizenship question controversy to the Mexico border wall funding, here are ...Read more

As virus surge grips red states, Biden steps up attack on Trump

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WASHINGTON -- As a resurgent coronavirus rips through America, tearing especially into states that voted for Donald Trump in 2016, Joe Biden is moving to further weaken the president's hold by stepping up attacks on his handling of the crisis.

Unlike the initial wave of illness and death from the pandemic, the current surge of cases is hitting ...Read more

Kamala Harris's police reform push becomes running mate tryout

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WASHINGTON -- Kamala Harris's push for police reform in the Senate is shaping up as an audition for the job of Joe Biden's vice president, as she makes herself a highly public voice for change after years as a no-nonsense prosecutor.

By promoting a bill to ban police chokeholds and make other changes -- and by publicly clashing with a senior ...Read more

As Biden expands polling lead, Democrats still can't shake this November nightmare

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WASHINGTON -- Long lines. Electronic tablets failing. Last-minute legal haggling. Delayed results because of a surge in absentee balloting. And a president casting doubt over the whole "rigged" process.

As Joe Biden expands his national and state polling lead over Donald Trump, Democrats can't shake this nightmare November scenario: That even a...Read more

Florida's coronavirus outbreak complicates Republican convention, Trump's reelection bid

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MIAMI -- When Vice President Mike Pence, the head of the White House coronavirus task force, returns to Florida Thursday, he'll find a much different situation than when he last visited in late May.

Florida at the time was reopening restaurants and gyms. Politicians were paving the way for the Republican National Convention to relocate from ...Read more

Bolton won't support Nikki Haley for president in 2024. 'That makes us even,' she says

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WASHINGTON -- Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton says he won't support Nikki Haley for president in 2024 after clashing with her when they served in the Trump administration together.

Bolton criticized Haley as an attention-seeker in a new memoir and told McClatchy in an interview late last week that his former colleague ...Read more