Rep. Angie Craig sues Minnesota to prevent election delay after death of candidate

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WASHINGTON - Rep. Angie Craig, who represents Minnesota's 2nd District, filed a lawsuit Monday to block the state from postponing her election because of the death of a third-party candidate in the race.

The situation has thrown into chaos not only the reelection contest but also the congressional representation of the 2nd District's voters in ...Read more

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Trump administration pushes to end census next week

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WASHINGTON - Days after a judge ordered the Census Bureau to continue enumerating for another month beyond its current Sept. 30 deadline, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who oversees the agency, announced Monday he intends to end all in-person counting efforts next week.

"The Secretary of Commerce has announced a target date of October 5, 2020,...Read more

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Editorial: Best disinformation defense? You

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Deploying disinformation as well as other asymmetric tactics, Russia attacked America's 2016 election. "Russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary (Hillary) Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and the Russian ...Read more

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Trump team weighs tough new sanctions on Iran's financial sector

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WASHINGTON - The Trump administration is considering fresh sanctions to sever Iran's economy from the outside world except in limited circumstances, by targeting more than a dozen banks and labeling the entire financial sector off-limits, three people familiar with the matter said.

The move would effectively leave Iran - which has seen its ...Read more


Kamala Harris speaks on Supreme Court seat in North Carolina stop

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RALEIGH, N.C. - Sen. Kamala Harris spoke at Shaw University and a Black-owned barbershop on Monday in her first visit to North Carolina as the Democratic nominee for vice president.

Harris talked about the U.S. Supreme Court at Shaw, a historically black university (HBCU), before meeting with Black voters at a Southeast Raleigh barbershop and ...Read more

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Here's what to expect in the first 2020 presidential debate between Trump and Biden

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After months of trading barbs through social media, speeches, TV ads and two nominating conventions, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will meet face to face - and at least 6 feet apart - on Tuesday for the first presidential debate.

The presidential race has been stable for the last few months, with polls showing Biden...Read more

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Trump tax moves stir questions about potential legal exposure

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WASHINGTON - Deductions for haircuts, consulting fee write-offs, a family estate that is treated as a business property and an aggressive refund claim could open President Donald Trump to legal risks once he's out of office.

An analysis published by The New York Times based on more than two decades of Trump's tax returns the news organization ...Read more

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Ocasio-Cortez mocks Trump for writing off $70,000 in hair styling on taxes — after she was ridiculed for $250 haircut

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But my haircut?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mocking President Donald Trump over reports that he sought to deduct from his taxes $70,000 in hair-styling expenses, noting that his supporters raged at her for spending $250 on a birthday hair-do.

"Where's the criticism of their idol spending $70k on hairstyling?" the New York Democrat tweeted...Read more

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'$750': Hollywood reacts in disgust to Trump's tax returns

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Gabrielle Union, Kumail Nanjiani, Jim Carrey, George Takei, Billy Eichner, Padma Lakshmi, Josh Gad, Ava DuVernay and other celebrities are holding President Donald Trump accountable on social media for tax avoidance after The New York Times reported that Trump paid just $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017 - and no federal income tax ...Read more

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Editorial: In Trump's world, paying taxes is for suckers and losers

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The New York Times' analysis of President Donald Trump's tax returns - which remain private, and which the Times did not share - includes many fascinating details about Trump's epic tax avoidance over the last two decades, but three main ideas emerge. First, it confirms what most Americans had suspected when Trump reneged on his campaign promise...Read more

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Column: Let's put Donald Trump's $750 annual tax payment in perspective

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The headline nugget in the expose of Donald Trump's taxes published Sunday by the New York Times is that Trump paid $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017.

In many other years, he paid nothing, the Times reported. But let's put those $750 payments in context, so we can have a sense of the scale of his reported ripoff of all other American ...Read more

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Report of Trump's tax-dodging bolsters Biden's 'Scranton v. Park Avenue' campaign message

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WASHINGTON - Joe Biden's campaign is capitalizing on revelations that President Donald Trump has paid little or no federal income taxes for years, amplifying the Democratic nominee's message that the 2020 election is a choice between the working-class he came from and the wealthy elite the president personifies.

The bombshell poses another ...Read more

Trump considered daughter Ivanka as 2016 running mate, book says

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Donald Trump repeatedly discussed with advisers the idea of naming his daughter Ivanka as his running mate in 2016 before settling for Mike Pence, according to a former Trump campaign aide who became a star witness in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Rick Gates, who in the summer of 2016 was Trump's deputy campaign chairman, ...Read more

Who is Chris Wallace? Meet the presidential debate moderator from Fox News

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be the moderator when President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, face off at Case Western University in Cleveland on Sept. 29 for the first of three presidential debates.

The highly anticipated event will likely approach the record of 84 million viewers who watched ...Read more

Do nice guys finish last in presidential races? Joe Biden hopes not

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WASHINGTON - Joe Biden's campaign has taken pains to describe the Democratic nominee as a caring and altogether decent man.

President Donald Trump's team doesn't spend a second portraying its candidate as warm and fuzzy.

In an election weighted with historical significance, do voters care how nice of a guy a candidate for president is?

The ...Read more

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The first presidential debate brings high stakes for Trump and Biden

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WASHINGTON - The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump has a strong chance of being the most-watched political event in U.S. history, and the enormous potential audience on Tuesday is just one factor that has heightened the stakes for both candidates.

For Trump, stuck for months on a losing trajectory, the ...Read more

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'It's going to be like war.' Voters eye 2020 election outcome with fear and loathing

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When Jim Jackson looks ahead to November, he cringes at what he sees: a defeated President Donald Trump refusing to leave the White House and his supporters waging war to keep him there.

"The militias and the white supremacists ... they're going to put out the call to arms," said Jackson, 73, who lives in the conservative-leaning suburbs of ...Read more

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Trump's ban on WeChat threatens a vital network for Chinese community in Philadelphia area

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PHILADELPHIA - For many local Chinese Americans and immigrants from China, the social media app WeChat is a lifeline to government services, community events, friends, and family living on the other side of the Pacific.

If the Trump administration has its way, it'll be taken away.

"We are so disappointed, not just because he's making this ...Read more

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Trump's choice of Barrett may not sway female voters he lacks

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President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett would give the Supreme Court its most conservative female justice in history but is unlikely to accomplish one thing that could help seal his reelection - a surge in support from women, a segment of the electorate he's struggled to attract.

The president on Saturday named Barrett to ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump's flaws alone won't bring skeptical Black voters out to vote for Biden

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We've all heard the analysis: If only Black voters had turned out in the same numbers to vote for Hillary Clinton that they did for Barack Obama, we wouldn't have Donald Trump today. The razor-thin margins for Trump in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania would have turned into razor-thin margins for Clinton, and that would have been it.

So, ...Read more