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A stylish way to improve men’s health and wellbeing

Tom Purcell on

We think it isn’t masculine to engage a counselor when we are suffering a bout of depression — which is one reason why 60 men die from suicide around the world every hour of every day.

Too often, men self-medicate their medical problems or worries away through destructive social behaviors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs — habits which are sure to destroy good health.

Add to this that men are much more likely to make poor dietary choices — for example, fast food that is loaded with artery-clogging fats — and it becomes clear why male health is so much worse than it needs to be.

But we can and must do better on the men’s health front — and every other front.

Men and boys are struggling in our country like never before.

It’s wonderful that so many of our girls are flourishing in school and the workforce, but our boys are falling behind at alarming rates.

New York Times columnist David Brooks cites the statistics:

“By high school, two-thirds of the students in the top 10 percent of the class, ranked by GPA, are girls, while roughly two-thirds of the students at the lowest decile are boys.”

Brooks notes that men are especially struggling in the workforce — if they’re working at all: One in three males with only a high school diploma — 10 million men — is now out of the labor force.


Men are increasingly isolated with far fewer friends than women, according to an American Perspectives Survey, leaving them with much less support to navigate the growing life and health challenges they face.

The great hope for all good people is for all of us to flourish regardless of our age or sex.

We all hope that our dads, uncles, brothers and sons become the healthiest, most productive people they can be.

Maybe seeing a face with a new mustache or beard this November will spark the robust discussion we need to help men improve their health and realize their full potential as flourishing human beings.


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