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To aliens, human wisdom Is unbelievable

Tom Purcell on

Last week a whistleblower testified before Congress, alleging that federal officials have concealed evidence of unidentified flying objects from the public for decades.

I’m not sure why advanced beings would want to talk to us, but if they came today, I imagine their visit might go something like this:

“Take me to your leader!” the small, gray being with a large, lightbulb-shaped head says to me.

“He taking a nap,” I say. “We’re not sure he’s really in charge, anyhow.”

“Then take me to who is in charge,” says the alien.

“Nobody’s sure about that, either.”


“But I have important questions about your government and your people,” says the alien. “I wish to gather any wisdom that your people can teach me.”

After I stop laughing, I offer to do my best to help the creature understand human nature.

“Explain to me how your government works,” says the alien.

“I’m not sure anyone can fully explain that,” I say, “but I’ll give it a go.”


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