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Thurber’s Tail: How to survive your sharp-toothed puppy

Tom Purcell on

The bloodshed was everywhere.

It was all over my house, my parent’s house, my neighbors’ houses and splattered at any location in which anyone dared to pet my 9-week-old bundle of joy, Thurber the yellow Labrador.

I was desperate to stop Thurber's reign of puppy-toothed terror, but how?

Why Are a Puppy’s Teeth So Sharp?

Puppies, like humans, are born without teeth, but by the time they are 2- to 4-weeks old, they start growing “deciduous teeth” — the sharpest blades known to mankind.

In the wild, razor-sharp teeth are needed to help puppies consume meat and soft food.


These teeth also help puppies to develop their jaw muscles and strong biting force, which are also necessities in the wild.

About 28 of these Ginsu-teeth are formed by your puppy’s sixth week. He’ll have about 42 by his 12th week, when his less-treacherous permanent teeth will finally start replacing his deciduous slicers.

Which means you are at risk of random bloodlettings for a good month or so until his permanent teeth come in.

How to Protect Your Flesh?


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