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Planning a post-Easter hiatus?

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Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

Right now, the land echoes with songs such as “Power in the Blood” and “Because He Lives,” but past performance assures me that the ditty waiting in the wings is (apologies to Alice Cooper) “God’s Out For Summer.”

Yes, countless people (whether unchurched or nominally religious) are counting down the days until Easter goes hopping down the bunny trail for another year.

Admittedly, these folks have endured four or five stressful months. Sure, there have been talking snowmen, Cupid and green beer to keep them distracted; but some killjoy inevitably brings up “the reason for the season” or delves into the real-life travails of Saints Nicholas, Valentine and Patrick.

To add insult to injury, these people weren’t permitted to focus solely on statesmen, scientists and entertainers during Black History Month. No, some meddlesome reporter fixated on the vital role of Black churches in the civil rights movement.

Then came their Lenten sacrifices (or listening to other people brag/complain about their Lenten sacrifices), leading up to all that cringe-inducing talk about the crucifixion.


Understandably, numerous worshippers and innocent bystanders are suffering religion fatigue. They’re yearning for a spring and summer of lawnmowing, fishing, barbecuing, home repairing and vacationing.

True, Mother’s Day may inspire memories of mom as a God-fearing woman and Memorial Day has its somber side; but for all intents and purposes, these folks have a six- or seven-month reprieve from religious thoughts.

The fun doesn’t come to a screeching halt until those pesky Pilgrims remind us what ingrates we are and Linus trots out his Nativity speech for the umpteenth time.

(I’m writing this from a Christian perspective, but I’m sure there are Jews, Muslims and members of other faiths who suffer burnout from their own holidays and traditions.)


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