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Thank you, Democrats! You Built This Trump Superhero!

Wayne Allyn Root on

Former President Donald Trump isn't just winning big in America; he's spreading!

A Trump clone (Javier Milei) was just elected as president of Argentina. A Trump clone (Geert Wilders) was just elected as the leader of the Netherlands. A Trump clone (Conor McGregor) is the new nationalist hero of Ireland, defending the Irish people from foreign invasion -- and he may also become the next prime minister.

A Trump clone was even elected Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, this week -- the first Republican elected since 1877.

You've heard the song "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors: "I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so." Well, the new hit single is "The whole world is turning Trump, I really think so." Everywhere in America and all over the world, Trump is spreading.

Did you see President Trump entering the arena for UFC two weeks ago? It was one of the most amazing, exhilarating sports entrances ever. Twenty thousand fans went insane screaming for Trump. It was like the Beatles arriving in America in 1964.

Did you see President Trump entering the football stadium last Saturday for the South Carolina-Clemson college football game? When Trump walked into the stadium the crowd was even more hysterical than the UFC crowd. It was like they were witnessing Elvis return from the dead. Eighty thousand fans went wild for Trump, screaming his name and chanting "USA, USA, USA." It was literally one of the most exciting scenes in sports history.


Keep in mind this wasn't a political convention. These weren't Republicans. This was a mainstream football game. And the audience was mostly college students. No politician in U.S. history has ever elicited a reaction like this.

Trump is no longer a man. He is a superhero to a vast swath of America.

Polls confirm that something special is happening. Trump is beating Biden in virtually every poll at RealClearPolitics. Trump is winning in every battleground state. Trump is winning among youth. Trump is leading among minority men. And if Trump is winning the popular vote, that means he's winning an electoral landslide.

This is happening while Trump is under four federal and state indictments, facing 91 felony counts and over 700 years in prison.


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