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Decent People Need to Denounce Crazy Pro-Choice Advocates!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

What's worse, attacking people's homes and neighborhoods or disrupting religious services? The answer, of course, is both are completely unacceptable. These are not things normal people need to debate. A man's home is his castle. Does that ring a bell? It's an English legal concept adopted by the American founders and reflected in the U.S. ...Read more

Draft Opinion on Abortion Our Country's Best Hope

From the Right / Neil Patel /

Buckle up. America is in for a rough ride if the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court regarding abortion turns out to be reflective of the final copy. In the long run, this opinion may end up healing the country, at least to some extent. A morally charged and complicated issue like abortion is best decided in the political arena. Allowing...Read more

How History Will View the Utter Failure of the Biden Years

From the Right / Neil Patel /

When historians study the disaster that was the Biden administration, they will find many factors that contributed to the historic level failure we are witnessing. At the top of the list is a president who is clearly just not up to the job. Whether due to age, cognitive decline or general ineptitude, Joe Biden has not been able to lead America. ...Read more

Conservatives Need to Take Better Advantage of the Gifts From the Far Left

From the Right / Neil Patel /

According to Pew, the so-called progressive left makes up only 6% of the American population and 12% of the Democratic Party. This small group is overwhelmingly white (nearly 70%), young and highly educated. They are also extremely engaged politically, voting and donating to candidates at a higher rate than almost any other political grouping. ...Read more

Corporate Media Whitewash of Hunter Biden's Laptop a Sad Indictment

From the Right / Neil Patel /

There has been a lot of ink spilled over Hunter Biden's broken laptop and the way it was treated in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, but not nearly enough. Now The New York Times has admitted, almost two years too late, that materials in the laptop were in fact authentic. There is no more perfect encapsulation of the problems in ...Read more

Without an 'American Renewal', Putin's Aggression Is Only a Preview of Troubles Ahead!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been the world's dominant force. Marked by relative peace and prosperity, it's been an amazingly successful period for America and for the world. Certainly, measured by world historical standards, the U.S. has little to apologize for and much to be proud of. The first four decades of this ...Read more

The Disastrous Olympics Showed Us All How Corrupt the World Is in 2022

From the Right / Neil Patel /

It's hard to find consensus these days, but everyone seems to agree that there was something rotten about the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games. Not the athletes and the sporting events, of course; they trained their entire lives to compete, were as brilliant as ever and are not responsible for the decisions that led to such a cursed and corrupt event....Read more

We Must Stop COVID-19 Restrictions and Lockdowns!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

We don't want antifa and Black Lives Matter activists shutting down cities with riots, and we shouldn't want truckers blockading roads either. In each case, as the rule of law is upheld, it is incumbent on those in power to also look at the root causes driving the unrest. American authorities seemed inclined to look at those root causes when it ...Read more



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