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We Must Stop Biden's Liberalization of America!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate elder statesman who could help heal a divided country. The press played up the narrative that Biden put in place a team of professionals and technocrats who would provide real governing expertise as a salve from the chaos of the Trump years. The truth, of course, has been just the opposite.

Many Americans are ...Read more

We Must Stop America From Making Catastrophic Mistakes on China!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

Do you remember Armand Hammer? If you're over 50, you may. Hammer was a business tycoon who died in 1990. He was most famous for his deal-making with the Soviet Union. Hammer would cut business deals directly with the Kremlin. This was unusual; most U.S. businesses had very few dealings with America's greatest adversary. Today, by contrast, many...Read more

Pause Before You Give Congress Credit for Trying to Stop Slave Labor in China

From the Right / Neil Patel /

American corporate and political leaders are more eager than ever to burnish their do-gooder credentials. Companies are taking stands on social issues more than ever before. Politicians also want to make sure the voters know they are socially just. It's no surprise, therefore, that each house of Congress has passed a bill to stop the importation...Read more

Democrats Setting Up to Lose the One Issue Keeping Them Afloat

From the Right / Neil Patel /

The majority of Republicans in Washington are thoroughly confused about their own party and their own voters. Some have lost faith in Republican voters completely and written them off as racists or crazies. Others don't know what to think. They are essentially biding time and hoping things go back to the way they were.

They won't, of course. ...Read more

Biden's Truly Reckless Spending Will Likely Be His Undoing!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

News flash: Prices are going up. They are going up broadly across many products and services. And they are going up quickly. Inflation is here. It's already bad, and there are many signs that it could get worse.

In the wake of this news, President Joe Biden has announced that he's committed to continuing with his massive new government spending...Read more

How a Broken Country Can Get Back on Track -- Post-Election Edition

From the Right / Neil Patel /

The elections this week have provided America yet another opportunity to begin healing. It would be amazing if we took advantage. The way America is spiraling downhill, these opportunities will not keep coming up forever. Given the fact that few people are even speaking to those with opposing views, it seems highly unlikely. But it's nonetheless...Read more



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