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How Wall Street Still Owns Washington, Even with the "Socialists" in Charge!

From the Right / Neil Patel /

Democrats in Washington are still pushing ahead with plans for their historically astronomical $3.5 trillion spending bill. The massive regulatory and social changes included would push America further to the left than ever before. The reconciliation spending bill, which can be passed with no Republican votes in the House or Senate, includes a ...Read more

Who's Really to Blame for Afghanistan?

From the Right / Neil Patel /

As the world watches in horror, the leaders of history's mightiest country are begging a terrorist group not to harm defenseless Americans left in a crumbling, trillion-dollar trap of our own design. Considering we hold all the receipts, it's worth asking how we got here. The main problem, of course, is President Joe Biden's botched withdrawal. ...Read more

America's Leaders Can Help Save a Declining Country by Coming Clean on Afghanistan

From the Right / Neil Patel /

Republicans are busy bashing President Joe Biden for his tragically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. They should. He deserves it. The larger truth, though, is leaders of both parties have botched Afghanistan now for 20 years. When people research why the American people so dramatically lost trust in national institutions and leaders, ...Read more

The Delta Variant Pushes a Broken Country Closer to the Edge

From the Right / Neil Patel /

How does a once-great country become the complete mess America is today? The honest answer is we are all at fault. It's as easy for the left to blame conservatives as it is for the right to blame liberals. It's easy for the elites in cities to say Americans aren't working as hard as they used to and are getting fat off too much fast food. It's ...Read more

The Government's Ham-Handed COVID-19 Messaging Has Hit a New Low

From the Right / Neil Patel /

The U.S. government's inconsistent public messaging on the coronavirus came to a crescendo this week as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly reversed course on the use of masks by vaccinated people. The sudden backtracking follows a pattern of misleading and incoherent government health guidance that has led to a general ...Read more

What the Protests in Cuba Tell Us About the Left's Agenda for America

From the Right / Neil Patel /

As the American left argues openly for socialism, it's helpful to keep in mind just how dreadfully those policies have failed -- and just how viciously socialists have responded to those who got in the way -- in countries throughout the world. Watch the recent protests in Cuba and you will see how regular people feel about the direction the ...Read more

Why Are Republicans Agreeing to Send Armies of IRS Agents After American Small Businesses?

From the Right / Neil Patel /

If you wanted to find the group getting the rawest deal in 2021 America, you might start with small-business owners. Many are finding themselves working 60- or 80-hour weeks just to scrape by. During the height of COVID-19, these companies were especially beaten down. Between Jan. 1, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2020, about 30% of U.S. small businesses ...Read more



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