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Democrats Must Stop Dividing Our Country!

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As Democrats see the likelihood of the House and the Senate shifting to Republican control, they have rolled out their biggest gun to try to minimize the damage.

Former President Barack Obama, the most popular Democrat in the country, has hit the campaign trail to try to salvage victories in close and critical races.

Obama's headline message has been about the importance of voting. Meaning, turnout is critical for Democrats, and, in particular, high turnout among Black voters.

Certainly, in Georgia, where the Senate race between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker rides on a razor's edge, the Black vote is critical.

Unfortunately, despite the charisma and charm of the former president, the message he is delivering is destructive for his party and for the country.

He is pitting Americans against Americans. Blacks against whites. The wealthy against the poor.


"In your gut, you should have a sense: Who cares about you?" asks Obama.

Obama emerged onto the national scene as a young Illinois state assemblyman when he addressed the Democratic National Convention in 2004. In that speech, he captured hearts and minds by reminding the nation that we are "E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, One ... There's not a liberal America and a conservative America ... a Black America and a White America ... There's the United States of America."

The message of that young idealist, looking to pave a path for his own political ambition, has totally disappeared now that those ambitions have been achieved.

We would like to believe the battle between the two parties is about which carries the best message for all Americans.


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