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Trump Gets It Right at CPAC

Star Parker on

Donald Trump showed up at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, and reminded everyone why, with all his provocations, so many are still on board with him.

Our country IS in trouble -- big trouble.

No parent reading this would not be up in arms if his or her children were threatened.

Well, all Americans, including our children, are being threatened -- threatened by the militant left now holding the reins of power. It's why passions are running high.

Trump wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter.

"(W)e're in the middle of a historic struggle for America's future, America's culture and America's institutions, borders and most cherished principles," he said. "Our security, our prosperity and our very identity as Americans is at stake, like perhaps at no other time."


The reason Trump stirs up so many is because he is right.

And it's the reason why those on the left hate him so much. He's got their number; he fearlessly calls them out; and he speaks directly into their insidious distortions and lies targeted to crush the core institutions that hold our country together.

Last year, I wrote about Black Lives Matter intimidating billboard company Clear Channel Outdoor to take down a billboard my organization posted in a poor Milwaukee neighborhood to encourage work, marriage and education as the path out of poverty.

BLM, whose business is about blaming everyone else, would have none of this personal-responsibility message about dealing with poverty. And Clear Channel Outdoor immediately caved.


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