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Trump shows leadership as he brokers Middle East peace and prosperity

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New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman observed in a column he wrote in 1996 that "no two countries that both have a McDonald's have ever fought a war against each other."

Some have looked into how ironclad this rule is. But, in general, the point is pretty powerful.

The assumption is that countries that have American fast food franchises are generally interested in freedom of commerce, and that the more a nation's focus is on commerce and economic prosperity, the less it is interested in war.

This provides perspective on the new historic peace agreement signed by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel, the so-called Abraham Accords.

What has driven the seemingly unimaginable to happen?

Two Muslim Persian Gulf states stepped out on their own and signed a peace agreement with the Jewish state of Israel; moreover, they did so without any kind of agreement having been reached between Israel and the Palestinians. This was once thought highly improbable, if not impossible.


One useful place to look to get a handle on what's happening is the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom. The index ranks 180 countries around the world according to how economically free they are.

Factors determining economic freedom include the effectiveness of law protecting private property, the overall fairness and quality of the court system; size of government and level of taxation; the ease with which businesses can open and operate; and the freedom to trade and invest.

We find that the United Arab Emirates is not just the most economically free of all the Persian Gulf states; it is one of the most economically free countries in the world. It ranks No. 18 out of 180 countries, one down from the United States.

Israel is also among the most economically free countries in the world, ranking No. 26.


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