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Democratic establishment tries to bail out Biden

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South Carolina Democratic voters have revived Joe Biden's candidacy.

Maybe I should say that South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn has.

According to exit polls, 61% said Clyburn's endorsement of Biden was an "important factor" in their decision, and 27% said it was "the most important factor."

Clyburn explained Biden is his friend and has been a reliable vote for government programs that blacks like.

He also argued that with Biden on the ticket, reelection prospects for congressmen and congresswomen running for election down ticket would be better.

"We need to keep the House speakership under Nancy Pelosi," said Clyburn.


Now, the whole Democratic establishment is piling on to endorse Biden and push out Bernie Sanders. But are they being straight with us?

It goes back to my column of a few weeks ago: "It doesn't matter which Democrat wins."

Despite Sanders' socialist declarations, the realities that would result under him or under Biden are barely distinguishable.

The country is already well down the path to socialism. And without major reforms to take things in a different direction, it will only become more so.


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