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Oliver North and David L. Goetsch on

Last week's column posited the No. 1 mission of the 118th Congress must be protecting U.S. national security and suggested five areas requiring urgent attention:

-- An existential threat posed by tyrannical despots with nuclear weapons.

-- The multimillion-person invasion across our nonexistent southern border and the deadly Communist Chinese fentanyl that has already killed more than 150,000 Americans.

-- Vladimir Putin's preparations in Belarus for a spring offensive against Ukraine.

-- President Joe Biden's diplomatic duplicity on lifting sanctions on Iran's ayatollahs places the U.S. and Israel in grave peril.

-- Our armed forces are woefully unprepared to deter war and therefore make war more likely.


Because I am a chronic optimist, the column, written as the "Biden classified documents scandal" was raging, closed on a hopeful note:

"The 222 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives must not allow the Biden paper chase to distract them from what must be their No. 1 mission: enhancing our national security."

Reader responses like, "No way in hell before hell freezes over!" and "That will happen when pigs fly!" convinced me to try again. So here goes:

The Biden "classified documents scandal" is worse today than it was last week. We now know documents bearing classified markings have been found in multiple locations, and some date back to his tenure as a U.S. senator. Old Joe and his minions initially attempted to dismiss the findings as "inadvertent" or "mistakes." Such claims simply cannot be true.


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